23rd Jan2019

‘Robotech #16’ Review (Titan Comics)

by Dean Fuller

Written by Simon Furman | Art by Hendry Prasetya | Published by Titan Comics


Last issue kept up the great pace and action that has characterised the series in the last few issues, and saw artists Ivan Rodriguez and Pasquale Qualano step onto the book, the first time regular artist Hendry Prasetya has not been happily pencilling and inking away on this book since its inception. I’m assuming it was for a breather, or to finish up other work, as Prasetya is back this issue. No mean feat pencilling and inking a book every month. I did enjoy the Rodriguez and Qualano art, they are certainly welcome back any time, but Furman and Prasetya have had this book rocking and it’s nice for the team to be back together, creatively speaking (for all I know, they’ve never even met each other). So where were we?

As can probably be guessed by the fact the recap text on the first page now takes up an entire page, a lot has been going on. Mostly bad for our heroes, of course, but no omelettes without breaking those eggs, right? Rick, and possibly Minmei, have possibly been infected by robotech protoculture, which seems to have mainly an upside at the moment, with a matrix-like ability to see below the surface of reality. Lisa Hayes, still trying to get Earth to repatriate the SDF-1, which of course the people of Earth think destroyed, has managed to arrange safe harbour with the rebellious Free State Government of the Ontario Province, and let’s not forget Roy still being held captive by Dr Zand. Did I mention the Zentraedi Miriya crashing right into Macross City? Yeh, that too.

As Veritech squadrons fight back against the incursion, desperately buying time, Lisa Hayes tries to get everyone ready to leave for Earth. She of course is risking Earth’s safety, exactly what her father and mother told her would happen. Don’t you just hate it when Mum and Dad prove you wrong? Her father, Admiral Hayes, decides it’s time to try out Earth’s shiny new super weapon, The Grand Cannon, if the SDF-1 brings the battle any closer. The fighting spreads to the stars, as Azonia launches her assault, and Roy’s clone leads the fighters in battle. As Dr Zand gloats at the real Roy, a mystery man appears from nowhere in the ship. Because not enough is going on.

It’s all going wrong, as the fighting starts to cause damage on Earth itself. Admiral Hayes orders the Grand Cannon to be fired, and it certainly lives up to its billing. It effortlessly destroys a Zentraedi ship, and forces Azonia to withdraw her forces, saving both Earth from further damage and the SDF-1 from capture. I think it’s fair to say Lisa Hayes has had a very bad day. Poor tactical decisions, an angry father, the loss of her only Earth ally, and a badly damaged ship with nowhere to go. and that mystery man? It’s someone Lisa knows very, very well. That’s exciting enough, so I won’t mention Claudia being strangled by a clone of Roy. Oops, did I say that out loud….

I’m not sure how many ways I can find to praise this book lately. Simon Furman is just producing four colour gold right now, a perfect balance of main story and subplots, all being juggled like a pro. It’s a great blend of human drama with grand space opera, pretty much perfect Robotech. Hendry Prasetya looks like he’s regained some hunger by missing a month as his art is superb here. Brilliant layouts for the space battles and fighting, with nice use of long shots and widescreen style action, and then more intimate panels for the human drama. His Lisa Hayes is ridiculously sexy too. But I digress…ahem. Top quality entertainment.

This will be the gold standard by which all future Robotech projects will be judged, I’m pretty much certain of that. Perfect.

***** 5/5

Robotech #16 is out now from Titan Comics.


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