11th Oct2018

Nerdly Wrestling Awards – Week Six

by Nathan Favel


Welcome to this week’s Nerdly Wrestling Awards, right here on Nerdly. I’m Nathan Favel and we have an interesting week to cover, one that was boring and exciting at the same time. The matches themselves go from bad to great, so we’ll have lots of things to complain about, as well as praise. Let’s get right to it.!

Worst Promo:

Greatest Man Who…Wouldn’t Shut Up (Impact Wrestling) – Austin Aries is a good talker… for about a minute and a half. Having Aries gab for what felt like an eternity is a bad way to get people to pay money to see a fight. Impact had a few candidates for this award, but this one was the biggest waste of time, despite the Eddie Edwards/Moose vignette being pretty bad.

Best Promo:

Marty’s Revelation (Lucha Underground) – This was pretty well performed for a very long, in-ring melee of talking. I know, I’m bored just mentioning talking on a wrestling show. However, this promo had so much information revealed in it, that it actually made Marty look intelligent, which is a first for this wrestler in his multiple season stint on LU.

Worst Moment:

Thundersucked (Super Show Down) – Elias played Thunderstruck before a match. I don’t know if you know this, but Elias can’t sing… and this is a wrestling show.

Best Moment:

Brothers & Sisters (Lucha Underground) – Marty broke his sister Mariposa’s arm, just to show Pentagon that he means business. This came after a solid title defense against his sister, so this served as the best night of Marty The Moth’s career, thus far.

Worst Trend:

Squandered Potential (Impact Wrestling) – From good matches getting screwed out of crucial time to promos getting the lion’s share of the television exposure, Impact threw the chance of a great card out the window of protecting the old way of selling a Pay Per View. If you had told me that TNA/Impact would be stuck in 1980’s WWF… I would have probably believed you, because this isn’t the first time bad booking has happened to a good league.

Best Trend:

Good Wrestling Every-Where (205 Live, NXT, Smackdown, Mae Young Classic and Super Show Down) – There were a lot of excellent matches all over these cards. You can’t have any better trend than that.

Worst Match:

Randy Orton versus Tye Dillinger (Smackdown) – This was a 0 out of 5. Nothing happened but some quick brawl that had already happened last week. This was not a Perfect 10! That’s right! I know Tye’s catch-phrase! I’m not afraid to screw with it! Poor bastards.

Best Match:

Meiko Satomura versus Mercedes Martinez (WWE: Mae Young Classic) – This was a hell of a match that I had given a 4.5 out of 5. All of the dinks like me from the other wrestling sites seemed to like this match, so maybe there’s some-thing going on here… or we’re all morons.

Worst Wrestler:

Eli Drake (Impact) – It’s hard to succeed when you’re booked to act like an idiot, but Drake couldn’t beat the heat this week. That sounds like a bad summer day. Anyway, Eli just couldn’t make a farce of a bout with La Parka work for either of them, because it had no wrestling in it.

Best Wrestler:

Meiko Satomura (WWE: Mae Young Classic) – That’s right! Meiko kicked ass! Before I break the exclamation point button on this thing, I’ll just say that this match she had on the MYC was validation for all of her years of hard work and ought to punch her ticket to any-where she wants to go.

Worst League:

Impact Wrestling – Impact just didn’t have a good week. The wrestling was good in some parts, but most of the card felt like a bad ode to WWF Superstars. Do you want to watch a 30 second brawl in place of an actual wrestling match? Would you like to watch Austin Aries try to act? Then you’ll like this episode of Impact.

Best League:

Major League Wrestling – A good card was made excellent by a great main event that might just put the fear of God into you, so MLW gets the thumbs up this week.

Final Verdict: 3 out of 5 – This was a weird week that had some awful stuff, but had some fabulous matches that keep you on the hook. Is this what fish feel like? It gets tiring to watch experienced wrestling leagues screw the pooch, but it’s encouraging to see other leagues strive to be better than the best.


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