04th Jun2014

Top 10: Things Nerds do better than “Cool People”

by Guest

It’s overstating the case to say that nerds have become cool in recent years – but they’ve certainly come to hold sway, with the likes of Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Michael Dell, Tom Anderson and many others like them now ruling the world, or so it seems. And on any given day of the week, you’ll find nerds doing real things better than so-called “cool” people. What nerds do is relevant to modern life – whilst looking the part in a pair of sunglasses and being generally relaxed just isn’t.

So, what are the top 10 things nerds do better than cool people on any given day? Voila…

1. Appreciate Technology

Nerds don’t see technology as the means to an end; it’s the end in itself (even though, ostensibly, it has a purpose). Without nerds doing this stuff for us; we’d be like nowhere man!

2. Fix IT Problems


Obviously! Who else could do this stuff!?

3. Appreciate Sci-Fi


Imagine a whole film genre going completely unappreciated by the cool people on the planet; unthinkable!

4. Appreciate Fantasy Fiction

Ditto! And look at the numbers; a whole generation of kids growing up with Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, the Hobbit and all the rest. Where would we be without them?

5. Game Better

quote from a poker geek

An obvious one perhaps – but this is a strange cross-over world (a “Venn diagram” if you’re a nerd by the way) where cool kids and nerds game together via network games and it just goes without saying who comes out on top here.

Oh and by the way – if you’re a nerd, the answer to this slightly rhetorical question is “nerds”!

6. Be Self-aware

Nerds are always acutely aware of exactly how, why and by whom they are thought of as being nerds. And they don’t care. In fact, they often revel in it these days since geeks and nerds began to rule the world somewhere around the turn of the 21st century. So, this self-awareness is a good thing. The glasses, the badges, the various likes (sci-fi, IT, gaming etc.) and the various dislikes (catchy music, clothing which looks really good, fashion, sunbathing, sports, fine dining etc.) are all taken as things to be proud of – and to accept as part of what nerds are; i.e. nerdish.
Ironically, of course, this makes them, well… cool!

We’re through the looking glass here people!

7. Be Passionate about SOMETHING

Say what you like but at least you know what a nerd loves because s/he will talk to you about it – for hours, if not days on end. And this is a GOOD thing. Cool people are, well, too cool to demonstrate that they actually care about anything. In fact – this is the whole aim of being cool; to appear like you care about, like, well, like nothing man! At least you know where you are with a nerd; they care about stuff – like computer games, Battlestar Galactica, Star Wars, Harry Potter, programming etc.!

8. Be Constructive

As well as being passionate about things – nerds actually DO things – as opposed to cool people who “hang”! Nerds fill all their waking hours with projects and generally doing stuff.

9. “Know”

Come on – if you need to really know something about any subject under the sun – who are you going to ask, Joe Cool or Mr Nerd?


10. Sweat the Detail

Similar to numbers 8 & 9; if you really want something done for which the detail is important – you need a nerd by your side.

I rest my nerdish case…. Agree or disagree? Comment below to defend your case!


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