05th May2014

First trailer for ‘Don’t Look in the Basement 2’

by Phil Wheat


Some fourty years after the original film was released, Anthony Brownrigg – son of the original films director S.F. Brownrigg – brings us the long-awaited sequel Don’t Look in the Basement 2, featuring special effects from the ever-reliable Marcus Koch (100 Tears) and starring Andrew Sensenig, Frank Mosely, Arianne Margot, Camilla Carr, Megan Emerick, Scott Tepperman, Jim O’Rear, Brady McInnes, Chester Rushing, Carolyn King, Kim Foster, Libby Hall and Willie Minor as Sam.

In 1973, in a small town in Texas, Stephens Sanitarium was the site of a grizzly tragedy. Doctor Stephens was brutally murdered, and with no one else in charge, the patients took over control of the asylum. The result was mayhem, and the eventual death of almost all the patients as well. The only surviving patient was found a week later alone in the building. And since then has been moved to a state institution and labeled a dangerous murderer.

Forty years later, Doctor William Matthews had a budding career as a doctor in New York City, until a tragic incident involving his wife changed his life. Seeking to escape the past he accepted a job at a small clinic in Texas as a clinical psychiatrist for the mentally ill. The clinic, GreenPark, has been in business since the late seventies and is as out of the way as one can get. One of only three doctors there, William adjusts to his life away from the toils of modern society in lieu of a simpler small town life.

The clinic itself has struggled for years, and the clinics administrator Emily has hired William in to handle a special patient in the hopes of bolstering the clinics press and benefactors. The patient, Sam Withers is seventy four year old man who still suffers from a lobotomy he had received in 1968 at the hands of Doctor Terrance Stephens at the Stephens Sanitarium. He is being transferred from a state hospital as something of a “star” patient.

Little does anyone know that GreenPark is located in the same building as Stephens Sanitarium. Sam is returning home. And something sinister is waiting in the shadows.

Upon Sam’s arrival things begin to unravel. Odd noises, and strange visions begin to haunt the patients as well as doctors there. When things begin to turn violent, William must struggle to find out what happened there forty years ago before he, as well as everyone else succumbs to madness.

For more info (and to see some amazing behind the scenes photos) check out the films Facebook page and official website.


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