10th Feb2014

‘WWE Superstar Collection: Sheamus’ DVD Review

by Paul Metcalf


Today as well as the release of WWE Superstar Collection: Daniel Bryan, we also have WWE Superstar Collection: Sheamus which is yet another collection of matches all connected by the “Superstar” from the WWE.  With the quality of the release being down to the selected match I always start to watch these with trepidation as to what was selected to show the wrestler off to the fans.

Sheaumus is a wrestler who had a strange start in the WWE in my eyes.  He came in dominant and even had an early title reign, if fact he probably has one of the best win/loss records in championship matches against Cena.  This is why for first two matches include Cena, which was something I wasn’t too happy about.  The first match is Sheamus vs. John Cena in a tables match for the championship and in ways it shows part of the problem with Cena, he just hasn’t changed.  Looking at him in the fight you’d not really be able to tell the difference between him back then and in the present.

The second match is Sheamus vs. Randy Orton vs. Edge vs. John Cena which was interesting because it had Edge in it, a wrestler I miss and I’m sure others do too. Orton had the intensity in his style that he misses now, and Cena was just Cena.  I’ll admit that this match wasn’t bad but there was that worry that when this one finished the next match would be yet another John Cena match.  Luckily the next was the King of the Ring Sheamus vs. John Morrison match for the King of the Ring.  Thankfully with a lack of Cena it was nice again to be watching a wrestler that WWE no longer has under contract and in a match that actually showed Sheamus at his best as a brawler.

Moving on we move onto Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan for the US Championship.  After watching Bryan’s own Superstar collection I found it interesting that this one was not used in that.  The aim of the Superstar collections are of course to show the wrestler it is based on in the best light, so obviously this answers the question about why it was not in the Daniel Bryan set of matches.  In a strong match though it showed two wrestlers who were relatively new to the company at their best, and at their most refreshing when compared to some of the others.

The next match decision I found strange, but actually enjoyed the most and this was one of the Royal Rumble matches that Sheamus won.  His battle against wrestlers such as Randy Orton and Chris Jericho in this matchup was fun to watch and this was one of the Rumbles were you felt it was an actual battle to win it, and there was an ending that was not so inevitable, especially compared to this years.

I do feel I can be quite harsh with these collection releases but WWE Superstar Collection: Sheamus like the Daniel Bryan one was actually quite entertaining, and I’d argue that this one had a better choice of matches than the Bryan one.  As always there were a few that could have been on here but these are the ones selected to fit the time provided on the disc (around 90 minutes).  For fans of Sheamus this is actually a strong release.

WWE Superstar Collection: Sheamus is available on DVD now.

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