13th Sep2013

LEGO & Lucasfilm announce DVD debut of ‘The Yoda Chronicles’

by Phil Wheat

The LEGO Group and Lucasfilm announced today that LEGO Star Wars:  The Yoda Chronicles will release on DVD 30th September. The two original 22 minute specials offer brand new epic adventures featuring everyone’s favorite LEGO Star Wars characters. Distributed by Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, the DVD is available now for pre-order. Featuring Episode I – “The Phantom Clone” and Episode II -“Menace of the Sith,” both  original stories are filled with action-packed comic adventures that are brick-smashing fun and feature characters, locations and vehicles well-known across the entire LEGO Star Wars universe.

Check out the official synopsis of BOTH episodes below, along with the official cover art:

EPISODE I – The Phantom Clone, the action-packed adventure begins when Darth Sidious unveils his plan to create a new super-weapon — an enhanced Sith clone named Jek-14 — to help him defeat the Republic once and for all. It’s up to Jedi Master Yoda and his young Padawan students to work together and save the galaxy!

EPISODE II – Menace of the Sith, Count Dooku uses his new and improved Clone-a-Matic to create an army of Jek clones, but the original Jek-14 wants no part of the sinister scheme. Now, with the help of some old friends and two familiar Droids, substitute teacher Anakin Skywalker must lead Yoda’s Padawan class to victory.


LEGO Star Wars:  The Yoda Chronicles is released on DVD on September 30th.


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