11th Apr2014

Top 5: Conspiracy Thrillers

by Phil Wheat

Conspiracy films can captivate an audience in surprising ways, and Hollywood has a long tradition of bringing these theories to life. In the upcoming film Pioneer, director Erik Skjoldbjærg explores a real life Norwegian big oil cover-up that includes murder, extortion, and diving in the North Sea. In celebration of Pioneer‘s release today, we are […]

15th Apr2012

‘Superheroes’ DVD Review

by Dan Clark

Features: Mr. Xtreme, Zimmer, Super Hero, T.S.A.F., Apocalypse Meow, Master Legend and more | Produced by Theodore James | Directed by Michael Barnett With the recent explosion of geek culture the idea of grown people dressing up in costume isn’t all that outrageous. What is different from the norm is those same grown people dawning […]