30th Jun2017

First trailer for Aussie crime drama ‘Watch the Sunset’

by Kevin Haldon

Shot in just one take, BarrLipp Productions’ gritty crime drama Watch The Sunset follows an ex-bikie who is trying to reunite his broken family torn apart by his devastating drug addiction. Now “Shot in one take” doesn’t always work on the big screen and feels more suited for TV shows but I am always interested […]

29th Feb2016

Interview: Director Tristan Barr talks ‘Watch the Sunset’

by Phil Wheat

If you loved Animal Kingdom, you’ll dig Watch the Sunset – an Australian crime-thriller that’s currently looking for a release sometime later this year. We caught up with co-director Tristan Barr to see where the movie is at, why they’re crowdfunding (post completion) and whether we might see the movie here in the UK. Is […]