19th Jul2021

‘Vore Gore’ DVD Review

by Jim Morazzini

Stars: Steve Swadda, Gabriele Zanoni, Poison Rouge, Simone Avincola, Irene Jones Baruffetti, Richard Silvagio, Cherokee Nevin, Lorenzo Fedele, Angelo Grandi, Adriana Pallidino | Directed by Mikel Balerdi, Emanuele Marchetto, Lorenzo Dante Zanoni, Poison Rouge, Irene Jones Baruffetti, Patrick Fortin, White Gardenia, Domiziano Cristopharo, Dario Almerighi According to Wikipedia. Vorarephilia (often shortened to vore) is a […]

09th Jun2021

Tetrovideo announce terrifying July releases!

by Phil Wheat

This July, TetroVideo will be releasing the splatter erotic Japanese film Mai-chan’s Daily Life: The Movie (2014) by Sado Satō, the anthology extreme film Vore Gore (2021) and the punk horror film ROT, directed by Marcus Koch in 1999, which is the first title of Tetro Underground, a line dedicated to all the underground films […]