24th Jun2019

‘Graveyard Keeper’ Review (Nintendo Switch)

by Britt Roberts

Moving on from their previous game, Punch Club which was an enjoyable (for a while, until you ground your teeth into dust) 16-bit styled stat-balancing grind-a-thon set in the world of prize-fighting, Lazy Bear Games have come up with a new game that takes a lot of inspiration from Stardew Valley but adds enough of […]

19th Nov2018

‘Party Hard’ Review (Nintendo Switch)

by Paul Metcalf

The life of a serial killer can be a hard one, especially if you are caught too soon. Party Hard, originally released on PS4, Xbox One and PC way back in 2016, finally comes the Nintendo Switch and gives you the chance to stealthily kill off partying neighbours just looking for a good time. Are […]

01st Aug2018

‘Hello Neighbour’ Review (Nintendo Switch)

by Rupert Harvey

I have the red key in my hand. It is pointed directly at the red padlock. The cursor is acknowledging the union of these two items. Yet no matter how many times I push the “Use” button, however rapidly and however strongly, it simply will not register, and the neighbour grabs me again. It’s a […]