19th Nov2018

‘The Heretics’ VOD Review

by Alain Elliott

Stars: Nina Kiri, Ry Barrett, Jorja Cadence, Will King, Nina Richmond, Austin Duffy | Written by Chad Archibald, Jayme LaForest | Directed by Chad Archibald Director Chad Archibald first came to my attention with the slasher that isn’t half as popular as it should be, The Drownsman (it could easily be an ongoing franchise). He […]

02nd Feb2017

First poster for Black Fawn Films’ latest ‘The Heretics’

by Phil Wheat

Canadian horror specialists Black Fawn Films have been slowly but surely producing genre product for a number of years. The team first hit our radar when Anitsocial hit the UK back in 2013 (the film made my Top 10 of the year), since then we’ve had films like The Drownsman, Antisocial 2, The Sublet and […]