14th Aug2013

Panel Discussion number whatever – Jack Catches Up

by Jack Kirby

Oh my gosh, there are so many comics. I took a month off visiting the comic shop on a weekly basis due to time constraints and the desire to have a little bit more money in my account prior to the end of the month. But then I got a fat stack of comics that […]

18th Jun2013

Panel Discussion #010 with Jack and Mark

by Mark Allen

12th June 2013 Hey there, kids/adults/other! Today’s something of a bumper issue as Jack and I appear to actually have bought more than one comic each this week, so be prepared for us to go on a bit. And by “us” I of course mean “me”. It also marks the tenth installment of Panel Discussion. We made […]

20th May2013

Panel Discussion #006 with Jack and Mark

by Jack Kirby

Mark, being more proactive this weekend than I, takes the lead this week. I only actually bought one comic (in addition to a swish box to keep my burgeoning collection in) and I have chipped in where necessary. May 15th 2013 Iron Man #10, Kieron Gillen, Dale Eaglesham, Marvel (Mark) “The Secret Origin of Tony […]