25th Aug2019

Frightfest 2019: ‘Halloween Party’ Review

by Phil Wheat

Stars: Amy Groening, T. Thomason, Shelley Thompson, Bradley Bailey, Scott Bailey, Jason Daley, Zach Faye, Lisa Hackett, Marletta Laan, Jason Morley, Taylor Olson, Geneviève Steele, Shelley Thompson | Written and Directed by Jay Dahl Jay Dahl, writer and director of There Are Monsters, is back after a five-year break from the genre with his latest […]

03rd Jul2013

EIFF 2013: ‘Struck By Lightning’ Review

by Guest

Stars: Rebel Wilson, Chris Colfer, Dermot Mulroney, Scott Bailey, Allison Janney, Frank Noel | Written by Chris Colfer | Directed by Brian Dannelly Review by Andrew MacArthur of The Peoples Movies Glee’s Chris Colfer makes the jump from television to cinema with Struck By Lightning, which he adapts from his own book Struck By Lightning: The Carson Phillips […]