14th Dec2018

‘Othello’ Blu-ray Review (Criterion)

by Rupert Harvey

Stars: Orson Welles, Micheál MacLiammóir, Suzanne Cloutier, Robert Coote, Fay Compton, Michael Laurence | Written by William Shakespeare, Orson Welles, Jean Sacha | Directed by Orson Welles We open with a funeral. For whom we’re not sure, but by the end of Orson Welles’ 1952 adaptation of Shakespeare’s Moorish tragedy Othello we can be certain […]

13th Dec2018

‘The Magnificent Ambersons’ Blu-ray Review (Criterion)

by Rupert Harvey

Stars: Joseph Cotten, Tim Holt, Dolores Costello, Anne Baxter, Agnes Moorehead, Orson Welles | Written by Orson Welles, Booth Tarkington (novel) | Directed by Orson Welles AKA the film that Orson Welles made after Citizen Kane, and which has become synonymous with studio interference. Perhaps an hour of footage was slashed and burned, hence the […]

19th Oct2016

13 Actors that turned Director and won

by Phil Wheat

In the golden age of movies, big name actors would often direct and produce their own movies. Spending 16 hour days on a film set is sure to teach you a thing or two about filmmaking and in some cases, this helps actors make the best directors. With the Cambridge Film Festival coming up, Cambridge […]

13th Sep2013

First Time Watch #7 – The Magnificent Ambersons

by Ian Loring

The second directorial feature effort of Orson Welles’ then young career, watching The Magnificent Ambersons now is a rather troubling experience as while the genius and overwhelming force of personality of the man is all over the film, so is that most depressing of complaints of the master director: that of the fight for creative […]