29th May2020

‘Blood Tide’ Blu-ray Review (Arrow Video)

by Phil Wheat

Stars: Martin Kove, James Earl Jones, Jose Ferrer, Mary Louise Weller, Deborah Shelton, Lila Kedrova, Lydia Cornell, Sofia Seirli, Spyros Papafrantzis | Written by Richard Jeffries, Nico Mastorakis | Directed by Richard Jeffries Arrow Video’s line of Niko Mastorakis releases (keep them coming Arrow, please!) continues with early 80s exploitationer Blood Tide, a film that […]

19th May2016

‘Hired to Kill’ Blu-ray Review

by Paul Metcalf

Stars: Brian Thompson, Oliver Reed, George Kennedy, José Ferrer, Michelle Moffett, Barbara Niven, Jordana Capra, Kendall Conrad, Kim Lonsdale, Jude Mussetter, Penelope Reed, David Sawyer, Angela Gerekou | Written by Fred Perry, Kirk Ellis | Directed by Nico Mastorakis What would you think if I pitched a version of The Magnificent Seven to you, but the […]

05th May2016

‘The Zero Boys’ Blu-ray Review

by Paul Metcalf

Stars: Daniel Hirsch, Kelli Maroney, Nicole Rio, Tom Shell, Jared Moses, Crystal Carson, Joe Estevez, John Michaels | Written by Robert Gilliam, Nico Mastorakis, Fred Perry | Directed by Nico Mastorakis You could say that the 80s are the decade that just keeps on giving, especially when it comes to cult movies. There are some […]