08th Nov2017

‘Dawning of the Dead’ VOD Review

by Philip Rogers

Stars: Ruth Galliers, Leo Gregory, Andrew McHale, Fabien Buller, Kristofer Dayne, Ian Saynor, Tim Heath, Paul Lavers, Kimberly Jaraj, Linny Bushey, Honey Holmes | Written by Stuart Bedford, Andy Davie, Tony Jopia, Stu Jopia | Directed by Tony Jopia When a deadly virus which reanimates the recently deceased is deliberately exposed across the world causing an […]

26th Oct2017

‘Cabin 28’ DVD Review

by Phil Wheat

Stars: Terri Dwyer, Brendee Green, Harriet Rees, Lee Bane, Derek Nelson, Gareth Lawrence, Jason Homewood, Linny Bushey, Sean Rhys-James, Alexander Bradwell, Jevan White, Ryan Michaels | Written by John Klyza | Directed by Andrew Jones Based on a true story, Cabin 28 is a collaboration between writer John Klyza – a man whose work in […]