23rd Oct2019

‘Once Upon a Time in Deadwood’ Review

by Dom Hastings

Stars: Robert Bronzi, Karin Brauns, Michael Paré, Lauren Compton, J.D. Angstadt, Woody Clendenen, Justin Hawkins, Tony Jackson, Ronnie D. Lee, Chris Matteis, George J. Merino | Written by Rene Perez, Jeff Miller | Directed by Rene Perez The Face of Death is back…sort of. Robert Bronzi, the direct-to-video delight who looks just like Charles Bronson, is back […]

01st Mar2018

‘Death House’ Interview: Lauren Compton

by Philip Rogers

With the anticipated horror Death House being released in cinemas on March 2nd, I got a chance to ask actress Lauren Compton about how she became involved in the film, her character Dr. Logan and working with Harrison Smith… How did you first get into acting? I was an extra on the set of Mark […]