20th Jun2018

‘Die Zombiejager’ Review

by Philip Rogers

Stars: Martin Brisshäll, Nick Holmquist, Christian van Caine, Margareta Strand, Erich Silva, Aldo Cunei, Mads Koudal, Yohanna Idha, Jonas Lübeck, Helena Karlsson, Andreas Andersson, Maud Sjögren, Hyse Gashi | Written by Jonas Wolcher, Petter Hörberg | Directed by Jonas Wolcher When an epidemic outbreak occurs in Gothenburg, Sweden, the police are unable to control the […]

18th Jun2018

Interview: ‘Die Zombiejager’ director Jonas Wolcher

by Philip Rogers

What inspired you to get into filmmaking? It was my grandfather. He loved movies and books and introduced me to all kinds of movies when I was five years old. We only had Danish and Swedish television, so we had 3 channels, but the Danish television was so much better than the Swedish television because […]

11th Feb2017

SRS debut Swedish gorefest ‘Root of Darkness’ on Blu

by Phil Wheat

SRS Cinema have announced the release of Swedish gore/monster movie Root of Darkness for the first time as part of a triple feature limited edition 2-Disc set. The release will include Root of Darkness on a Bluray with a bonus DVD that features the motion pictures Die Zombiejäger and Dragonetti: The Ruthless Contract Killer. These are […]