26th Jun2020

‘Awesomely Righteous & Radical’ Review

by Chris Cummings

Created by Shane Ryan | Written by Luc Bernier, Jason Ewert, Dean Houlihan, Tom Jolliffe, Matti Soikkeli, Jim Towns | Directed by Luc Bernier, Jason Ewert, Dustin Ferguson, Dean Houlihan, Oliver Jolliffe, Shane Ryan, Matti Soikkeli, Aaron Stielstra, Jim Towns Pretty much everybody loves the 80s, right? Horror fans are no different, and homages are […]

05th Sep2015

‘Sinister House’ DVD Review

by Phil Wheat

Stars: Heather L. Tyler, Sadie Katz, Cheryl Sands, Lisamarie Costabile, Clint Jung, Julia Putnam, Jim Falkenstein, Madison Wenn | Written by Jim Towns, Scott Frazelle | Directed by Jim Towns After a couple of years in the wilderness, 2013 film House of Bad (the on screen title my review disc still carried) has been dusted off […]