22nd Oct2015

‘Krampus: The Christmas Devil’ Review

by Phil Wheat

Stars: A.J. Leslie, Samantha Hoepfl,Bill Oberst Jr., Michael Mili, Jay Dobyns, Paul Ferm, Andrew Ferrick, Richard Goteri, Angelina Leigh, Darin Foltz | Written and Directed by Jason Hull Jeremy is a local police officer who has spent most of his life searching for the man who kidnapped his as a child. After children in his […]

20th May2014

Holiday horror with ‘Krampus: The Christmas Devil’

by Phil Wheat

Whilst Kevin Smith is hard at work prepping his Krampus movie, Anti-Claus, it seems he’ll be beaten to the punch by director Jason Hull, whose film Krampus: The Christmas Devil is currently being shopped at Cannes by independent film distribution/acquisitions company ITN. The film, which stars Nerdly favourite Bill Oberst Jr., follows… Jeremy, a local […]