25th Oct2017

PLAY Expo Manchester 2017: ‘Lightseekers’ Hands-On

by Kat Wheat

Lightseekers is an epic action and adventure role playing game for mobile and tablet that connects smart action figures, accessories, augmented reality trading cards. Imagine Pokemon meets Skylanders… Card Game Thrown in at the deep end, bombarded with instructions on how to play the game from one of the assists on the stand at PLAY […]

19th Jun2015

E3 2015: FIFA Mobile – Hands On

by Guest

Written by Abid Gangat As I trundled up the steps to where EA were meeting with various press and media, I found myself being introduced to Alex Grimbley by one of the EA team. Alex suggested I try FIFA on mobile to see what the company have done to make one of their most successful […]

02nd May2014

Hands-on with Google Glass at Virgin Media HQ

by Phil Wheat

We were kindly invited by the team at Virgin Media to try out Google Glass this week. This was our first time experiencing the much lauded Google wearable first-hand and we were dying to see if the odd looking device could live up to the hype. First impressions were good. Google Glass is very light […]