27th May2019

‘House of Lexi’ Short Film Review

by Chris Cummings

Stars: Emma Dark, Helen Stephens, Jane Garda, Sean Francis Mclaughlin | Written and Directed by M W Daniels House of Lexi begins with a panoramic scan along a beautiful beach, the slow low-key score mimicking the smoothness of the camera. I loved this opening. It was calm, it was intriguing and it peaked my curiosity. The […]

25th Mar2019

First look at horror short ‘House of Lexi’

by Phil Wheat

House of Lexi is a psychological short horror film from writer/director M W Daniels (whose previous short Being Without debuted last year) and features English horror actress Emma Dark (Seize the Night, Salient Minus Ten) in the titular role. Shot on location in London and Tankerton Beach, House of Lexi follows the story of Lexi […]