09th Dec2019

‘Gemini Man’ Review

by Phil Wheat

Stars: Will Smith, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Benedict Wong, Clive Owen, Douglas Hodge, Ralph Brown, Linda Emond, Ilia Volok, E.J. Bonilla, Victor Hugo, David Shae | Written by David Benioff, Billy Ray, Darren Lemke | Directed by Ang Lee Apparently a script that has been floating around Hollywood since 1997 and only now, I’m guessing with […]

25th Jul2017

Culture Dump #1: But what I really want to do is… Act?!

by Simon Bland

Why are Hollywood Blockbusters and Telly’s Biggest Shows Pandering to Musicians? If you’re watching Game of Thrones then you’ll know it’s a jam packed return to Westeros. With just a handful of episodes left to wrap up a pretty epic and sometimes downright confusing show (Who’s that beardy one again? Oh yeah, they ALL have […]