02nd Nov2018

‘WWE Crown Jewel’ PPV Review

by Phil Wheat

So WWE’s latest pay per view Crown Jewel, mired in controversy and not just because of the political events that took place last month… A PPV put on in a country that many other countries have severed ties with, yet Vince McMahon and his big fat greedy pockets put money first and everything else – […]

03rd Oct2018

Opinionated: Z is for Liar (WWE)

by Nathan Favel

I should make it clear that I’m writing this while watching Orson Welles’s “F Is For fake”, which has spurned my desire to write some-thing similar…mostly because I’m out of ideas… but also because I already said I was going to write a column about Vince McMahon’s hypocrisy in Saudi Arabia. As if to set […]