24th Mar2020

‘Robin: 80th Anniversary 100-Page Spectacular’ Review

by Dean Fuller

Written by Various | Art by Various | Published by DC Comics I’ve written elsewhere that I seem to have reviewed a whole lot of these over-sized DC Special’s of late. Not a complaint, mind you, far from it. DC could have quite easily stuck out a load of old reprints and hastily cobbled together […]

30th Jul2014

‘Alien Legion: Uncivil War #2’ Review

by Richard Axtell

Written by Chuck Dixon, Carl Potts | Art by Larry Stroman | Published by Titan Comics | Format:Paperback, 32pp Force Nomad have been tasked with providing humanitarian (and all other species) support to refugees fleeing a civil war which has broken out on the Planet Harkon. Looking forward to a easy mission of peacekeeping and order, Nomad are surprised to find smugglers […]

19th Jun2014

‘Alien Legion: Uncivil War #1’ Review

by Richard Axtell

Written by Chuck Dixon, Carl Potts | Art by Larry Stroman | Published by Titan Comics | Format: Paperback, 32pp As a civil war breaks out on one of the rim worlds in the galaxy, hundreds of refugees flee the system, seeking asylum in safer areas. However, it is up to Force Nomad, a team of specialists, to […]

06th Mar2014

First look at Titan Comics ‘Alien Legion: Uncivil War #1’

by Phil Wheat

Titan Comics have announced the launch of Alien Legion: Uncivil War a brand-new series which brings together the creative giants behind the legendary original Alien Legion stories: Chuck Dixon (Punisher War Journal, Savage Sword of Conan, Batman and the Outsiders) and Carl Potts (The Punisher, The Incredible Hulk) with fantastic art by Larry Stroman (Wolverine, […]