09th Apr2021

‘Clapboard Jungle’ Blu-ray Review (Arrow Video)

by Alain Elliott

Featuring: Chris Alexander, Dave Alexander, Chad Archibald, Charles Band, Yazid Benfeghoul, Justin Benson, Zack Bernbaum and many more! | Directed by Justin McConnell If you watch independent movies, listen to the podcasts about them and follow the people that make them on social media, then Clapboard Jungle is the movie for you. Directed by Justin […]

17th Aug2020

Fantasia 2020: ‘Hail to the Deadites’ Review

by Chris Cummings

Features: Bruce Campbell, Patricia Tallman, Kassie Wesley DePaiva, Ellen Sandweiss, Betsy Baker, Dan Hicks, Theresa Tilly, Richard Domeier, Tom Sullivan, Chris Alexander | Written and Directed by Steve Villeneive There are horror franchises out there that are so beloved and have such a devoted and undyingly-passionate fanbase that they become legendary. The Evil Dead films […]