07th Jun2021

‘Shock Wave: Hong Kong Destruction’ Review

by Phil Wheat

Stars: Andy Lau, Ching Wan Lau, Ni Ni, Kwan-Ho Tse, Ron Ng, Tak-Bun Wong, Philip Keung, Chun Kit Chang | Written by Herman Yau, Erica Li, Eric Lee | Directed by Herman Yau After suffering life changing injuries in the line of duty, bomb disposal officer Poon Shing Fung (Andy Lau, Infernal Affairs, House of […]

04th Jan2017

‘Call of Heroes’ DVD Review

by Phil Wheat

Stars: Louis Koo, Ching Wan Lau, Eddie Peng, Jing Wu | Directed by Benny Chan From traditional martial arts arse-kicking, to fast and furious swordplay, with wire work which does NOT look fake and is used sparingly to emphasise the films fight scenes rather than be the centre of attention – unlike Crouching Tiger for […]