09th Apr2014

Graphic Novel Review: Doing Time

by Richard Axtell

Written by Brady Sullivan | Art by Amilton Santos | Published by Back Row Comics | Format: Paperback/Digital comic, 78pp Jeffery Tiller is in jail. But he isn’t in any old jail. This jail has a top of the line security system in the form of a bracelet placed on every inmates arm. You want to escape? […]

31st Jan2013

‘Death Springs #1’ Review

by Jack Kirby

Written by Brady Sullivan | Pencil/inks by JC Grande | Colours by Jessie Alley | Letters by Fred C. Stresing I’ve been working on my comic-reading this year, so I was more than happy to read the first issue of Death Springs when asked. Death Springs is a western set comic with some pleasing cross-genre […]