06th May2020

‘Girls Just Wanna Have Blood’ Review

by Dom Hastings

Stars: Amanda Renee, Destyne Marshai, Penny Praline, Gigi Gustin, Bettina Skye, Craig Kelly, Kirk Ponton, David M. Sitbon | Written and Directed by Anthony Catanese “The only positive thing about you is your HIV status.” As one would naturally expect, Girls Just Wanna Have Blood opens with a deadly bite of sickly sleaze, but is […]

12th Jun2019

‘Hi-Death’ Review

by Chris Cummings

Stars: Julia Vally, Todd Sheets, Fabiana Formica, Kate Durocher, Dilynn Fawn Harvey, Jensen Jacobs, Renee Galarza, Jay Sosnicki, Antwoine Steele, Todd Martin, Kristen Adams, Thomas Kindler, Billy Nicholson, Eve Smith, Mike Gordon | Written by Anthony Catanese, Amanda Payton, Tim Ritter, Todd Sheets, Brad Sykes, Josephina Sykes | Directed by Anthony Catanese, Amanda Payton, Tim […]