24th Jan2020

‘Aftermath’ Board Game Review

by Matthew Smail

If you’re familiar with the previous storybook games from talented designer Jerry Hawthorne, you’ll know exactly what to expect from Aftermath. This latest addition to the series that saw Stuffed Fables and Comanauts released over the past two years continues the trend of delivering a tight, story driven experience that mixes interesting combat scenarios with […]

16th Feb2017

New UK trailer for Schwarzenegger’s ‘Aftermath’

by Phil Wheat

Aftermath is a nail-biting revenge film based on the real life incident where a man hunts down the air traffic controller he holds responsible for a plane crash that killed his wife and children. Schwarzenegger, as he showed in Sabotage and the recent zombie film Maggie, has matured into an interesting dramatic actor; here, he […]

08th Feb2017

Trailer released for Schwarzenegger’s ‘Aftermath’

by Catherina Gioino

Here’s a question: is this the new wave of films we’re expecting? Have we lost all sense of creativity that now we have to look towards terrible events as a means to create a film with emotional appeal? Be it Patriots Day or Bastille Day from last year alone, to countless other films released in the past decade– it’s […]