14th Jul2017

‘Accel World vs Sword Art Online’ Review (PS4)

by Matthew Smail

There are many famous crossovers in gaming history, and whilst many of them are flawed, some (such as Marvel vs Capcom 2, Battletoads vs. Double Dragon and many more) are sublime. Iā€™d never played either an Accel World or a Sword Art Online game when I came into Accel World vs Sword Art Online, so […]

18th May2017

‘Accel World vs. Sword Art Online’ release date confirmed

by Phil Wheat

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe have revealed the pre-order contents and the official Accel World vs. Sword Art Online release date – which is now set for 7th July 2017. The PS4 digital pre-order will give access to the SAO ORIGINS PACK that features 4 different costumes; Kirito and Sinon GGO Avatar Costumes, Knights of The […]