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Excellent thrillers that we once enjoyed watching but then forgot about

by James Smith

Let’s remember the interesting thrillers of the past years, which once pleased us, but then forgotten. These films have not lost their advantages over time and are still able to bring pleasure. They are worth watching them again. As part of this series of articles, you and I should try to remember as many good thrillers as possible. I’m sure we can do it! Additionally, if you’re looking for a way to unwind after watching these thrilling movies, consider checking out this gambling website Stay casino login for an exciting and relaxing gaming experience.

A Perfect Getaway, 2009

IMDb: 6.5; Kinopoisk: 6.9; Critics’ Choice: 62% (138)

A suspenseful American thriller with a few amusing surprises in its plot. It was directed by David Touhy, known for his fantastic trilogy of films about a popular character called Riddick. Milla Jovovich, Steve Zahn, Timothy Olyphant and Chris Hemsworth have the lead roles. The budget is 14 million dollars, box office receipts – 22.8 million.

Sydney and Cliff are newlyweds on holiday in Hawaii. Husband and wife enjoy beautiful beaches, warm and gentle waves and communication with each other. During one of their outings, they meet friendly spouses – ex-military man Nick and his wife Gina – and decide to travel with them. Soon, however, disturbing news arrives: serial killers are running rampant in the area, most likely a male-female couple. Sydney and Cliff begin to suspect Nick and Gina.

Killing Them Softly, 2012

IMDb: 6.2; CinemaScore: 6.2; Critics’ Choice: 74% (234)

An American dramatic thriller based on the 1974 novel “Cogan’s Craft” by George Higgins. The film was directed by Andrew Dominik, known for the crime drama “How Cowardly Robert Ford Killed Jesse James” and the eccentric semi-biographical film “Blondie”. Brad Pitt, Ben Mendelsohn, Richard Jenkins, James Gandolfini and Ray Liotta played the lead roles. The budget is 15 million dollars, box office receipts – almost 38 million.

The year 2008, the height of the world economic crisis. Johnny Amato, a swindler, decides to rob the casino of one of the henchmen of the mafia, Marky Trattman. He intends to frame the crime so that all suspicions would fall on Marky himself. For this purpose Amato hires a thug Frankie and a drug addict Russell. Surprisingly, the operation is a success. In retaliation, the mob bosses turn to gangster Jackie Cogan, who must find the culprits and kill them.

The Magnificent Swindle (Matchstick Men), 2003

IMDb: 7.3; FilmScore: 7.4; Critics’ Choice: 82% (185)

American-British comedy thriller based on the novel of the same name (the original film is called Matchstick Men) by writer Eric Garcia. It is a trickster’s story, which is constantly thrown from saspens to humour and back, but from this, it only benefits. Directed by Ridley Scott (“Gladiator”, “Alien”, “The Martian”). The main roles played by Nicolas Cage, Sam Rockwell and Alison Loman. The budget is 62 million dollars, box office receipts – 65.5 million.

Roy Waller is a con man suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder. Together with his partner Frank Merker he pulls cunning swindles in the sphere of trade. Because of periodic attacks, which intensify after the crimes committed, Roy decides to contact his ex-wife and try to restore relations with her. So the man learns that he has a 14-year-old daughter Angela. Getting acquainted with the girl, the protagonist suddenly realises that being near her, he feels much better. Soon Frank persuades Roy to commit a major fraud, which means that he has to take Angela with him.

Unthinkable, 2009

IMDb: 7.0; CinemaScore: 7.3

A hard-hitting American psychological thriller that explores a well-known theme revolving around the question of whether the end justifies the means. The film skilfully keeps in tension and tickles the nerves, although its plot is not called refined and diverse – just one man tortures another for an hour and a half. But it looks quite cool and, most importantly, unusual and not at all formulaic. The main roles are played by Samuel L. Jackson, Michael Sheen and Carrie-Anne Moss. The film was shot by Gregor Jordan, known for the criminal-biographical film “Kelly’s Gang” and comedy thriller “Buffalo Soldiers”. The budget is $15 million. Interesting fact: the film has two completely different endings – both are available for viewing.

Iraq war veteran Stephen Arthur Younger, who converted to Islam and changed his name to Yusuf Atta Mohammed, publicly announces that he has made three powerful bombs and planted them in three American cities. The terrorist is quickly caught, but he does not confess where the explosive devices are. Soon FBI Special Agent Helen Brody and the mysterious H arrive at Yusuf’s house, whose job is to get information by any means necessary. By any means necessary.

Righteous Kill, 2008

IMDb: 6.0; FilmScore: 6.8; Critics’ Choice: 18% (148)

American crime thriller, the second film after the cult film Heat in which Robert De Niro and Al Pacino appear together in the same frame. Critics did not like the film, and at the box office it showed itself poorly (78.5 million dollars in collections against 60 million budget), but the Russian-speaking viewer met it more cordially, which is evident from the estimates. Well, how not to put a like when such masters together? The project was directed by John Evnet, known for the detective drama “88 Minutes” and adaptation of the novel “Fried Green Tomatoes”.

Riddler and Turk, superb New York policemen, have been partners for 30 years and have almost always demonstrated top class in their work. However, before they retire, they have to carry out a complicated investigation: a pimp has been murdered, and the strings lead to a similar crime committed many years ago. Then the victim was also a criminal, on whose body they found a piece of paper with a poem. Soon the heroes realise that they are dealing with a serial killer getting rid of criminal elements.

The Frozen Ground, 2011

IMDb: 6.4; FilmScore: 6.5; Critics’ Choice: 60% (57)

American “winter” drama thriller based on real events. From the minuses – excessive slowness and stamps: at times the film is very similar to other stories about serial killers. On the plus side, there is excellent acting by Nicolas Cage and John Cusack, as well as a sense of reality (what if your neighbour is also a maniac?). Filmed tape debutant Scott Walker. The budget is equal to $ 27 million, but the box office receipts are only 5.6 million.

Annotation. Robert Hansen is a well-to-do family man, a bakery owner and a good hunter. No one could have imagined that he could be a ruthless homicidal maniac who has murdered some twenty women. But one day one of the victims, 17-year-old Cindy Paulson, manages to escape. Because of her low social status, no one believes the girl, and Hansen has an alibi. Soon investigator Glenn Float takes up the case, who needs to find evidence of the scoundrel’s guilt and put him behind bars.

Sleuth, 2007

IMDb: 6.4; FilmScore: 7.1; Critics’ Choice: 35% (122)

British-American dramatic thriller with detective elements, which is a remake of the 1972 film of the same name, based on the play by Anthony Shaffer. It is a chamber film with a limited number of locations and few events. Mostly there are dialogues, which in sum form an intellectual duel of experience and wisdom with youth and sass. The film was directed by Kenneth Branagh (“Thor”, “Murder on the Orient Express”). The main roles of Jude Law and Michael Caine. The last of them, by the way, played in the original film opposite role. The thriller has a prize of the Venice Film Festival “Blue Lion – Special Mention”. The box office receipts are $4.8 million.

Some time ago the wife of 70-year-old Andrew Wyke, a successful author of detective novels, left and now lives with 35-year-old Milo Tindle. However, the old man does not agree to give his wife a divorce, because in case of divorce she will get half of his fortune. And here in the mansion of the writer arrives impudent Milo, who begins to ask the owner to let the woman go. In response, Wyke offers the guest a curious bargain. A cunning and dangerous game begins.

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