13th Jun2024

All modes and activities in FC 24 for beginners

by James Smith

When you boot up FC 24 and see the EA Sports branded splash screen, you will immediately see three game modes that you can play for your own pleasure. You will be able to play an online league, receive FC 24 coins and compete with other players in divisions. You will be able to play career mode, where you will manage all the affairs of the selected club – the players themselves, transfers, the training process, the scouting system, and so on. You will be able to play as a professional player and go all the way from a football academy to a world-class star, and now all playing positions will be available to you, including goalkeeper.

Online league

This is the largest format of the game in FC 24, because the number of activities and innovations here is huge.

  • Club selection – You need to choose the football club that appeals to you, but due to the card system and the FC 24 coins farm, you will not get the current playing roster like in other modes – instead, you will get random players and will gradually develop your team.
  • Game cases – All football fans take out the bulk of game cards from cases that come in bronze, silver and gold. The difference lies in the characteristics and cost in FC 24 coins, which must be paid for one attempt to get a random player.
  • Leagues and divisions – From the very first match, FIFA will monitor your successes and failures in order to regulate the current league and level of opponents with whom you would be comfortable playing and learn to understand football mechanics.Participation in matches will bring you and FIFA 24 coins and the opportunity to participate in tournaments from EA Sports.
  • Events – In FC 24, several activities and events will await you, which will have only one goal – to bring you FIFA 24 coins and let you try new and interesting mechanics. This is a challenge format, where you need to solve problems of the board of directors and help find players for the team, and the moments mode, which allows you to play out iconic events in football history and recreate them in the form in which they happened, and only then will they be counted, and you get your FC 24 coins.
  • Tasks – Every week in your main menu and during matches you will see tasks that are directly related to game mechanics.
  • For example, you may be asked to make 20 accurate passes, play without penalties, and so on. If you manage to complete all the tasks before they are updated, you will receive coins and can once again try to get a new and good player for your team. If you don’t have time, then nothing bad will happen – all tasks will simply be updated, and you need to do everything again.
  • Tournaments – EA Sports regularly holds tournaments in which you can participate and for this you will receive not only FC 24 coins, but also full-fledged gold-level game sets, which in any outcome will be better than most bronze and silver ones, even if world stars come across. All you need to participate is to score 1500 points for participating in regular division matches, and then you will be allowed to qualify, where there will be 10 games against random opponents, in which you need to win 4 to advance, but literally for every match you win you will receive additional small and large sets of gold level players. If you get into the main stage, there will already be 20 matches and the potential for receiving rewards will be even greater. In any case, this is an excellent opportunity for both beginners and experienced players to replenish their playing roster, even in case of defeats, and gradually assemble a dream team.

Career mode

This is a format that has been known to all players since the distant FIFA 94. You choose your club and begin your path to Eurocups and the best leagues, depending on your choice. The interesting thing about modern FIFA 24 is that you can play for a top club, like Real Madrid, or choose any club from the second or even third division and bring it to world fame with a minimum budget and a lot of work in selecting promising players until then, until you improve your financial capabilities.

Of course, the matches will take place completely differently – there will not be such dynamics and high incomes, at least for the next few seasons, but the gaming experience will also be much more interesting and unusual. The most interesting thing about career mode is that you will immediately solve problems for the development of the playing team, work with finance, transfers and scouting departments, supervise the training process and manage the team and substitutions on the football field.

Pro Player Mode

This is a unique experience that many players have not yet tried. You will be able to create yourself, choose your club and begin your journey from a promising junior to a world football star. You can choose your position on the playing field – classic forward, halfback, defender, or even goalkeeper.

Of course, it will be the most interesting to play as a goalkeeper, because this is a new gaming experience, but in general this is a rather boring role that requires attention, because only one blow can be struck at your goal and if you do not reflect it, the match will end in the defeat of your team. Remember that, unlike the career mode, you will not play for the whole team, but only for yourself, but at the same time you will interact with other players through commands and requests.

Before each match, the coach will set tasks for you and if you perform them well, you will receive more playing time, move to the main team and eventually become a captain and receive a call-up to the national team. If you play poorly, they will start changing you more often, and then they may stop letting you on the field altogether or sell you on loan to another club.

Conclusions on the three main game modes that await players in FC 24

FC 24 is a full-fledged football simulator in which you can choose one of three game modes and freely switch between them.

You can choose career mode and become both a coach and financial director and lead your chosen club to victory in the Eurocup, league and national cup. You can choose a top club and just play with your favorite players, or play any other club from the lowest divisions. You can choose the professional player mode, which will allow you to fully play with only one football player and go from a junior to a world football star following the instructions of the coach. If you play well, then you will be transferred to the main team, invited to the national team and made a captain, and if you play poorly, then you may be loaned out or allowed on the field for 5 minutes of the match. You can choose any position – striker, defense or half-defense, or even goalkeeper.

The online league will be the most interesting, because there you will collect football cards and form your gaming team from scratch. You will play league matches to determine your gaming level and begin to qualify for tournaments from EA Sports and earn FIFA 24 coins, which are used to buy new players. Participate in events, tournaments and complete tasks to earn FC 24 coins and football player cards and gradually move towards the world top, moving up through divisions. Aim for gold cards that are the very best in terms of gaming performance.


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