15th Nov2022

3 Challenges Students Face When Writing a Dissertation

by James Smith

You have reached the final year of your studies. This comes as a breath of fresh air, as you are preparing for the next step in your life: getting a job and building your career. However, you need to complete your dissertation by then. Many students feel overwhelmed by the thought of writing their dissertation, as it is a piece of paper that is more complex than a regular assignment or an essay. A dissertation is a comprehensive paper where you need to discuss a topic of your choice, research it, and even conduct a study to test some hypothesis.

The number of tasks you have to complete so that you write a powerful and compelling dissertation might seem scary. Only the thought that you have to complete your dissertation might feel like a challenge. So, what are the challenges that come with this final task you need to face? Being aware of them helps you prepare better and find solutions to face them successfully. So, what should you know about the challenges of completing a dissertation? Here are some of the most common challenges students face when writing this final paper for their studies.

  • Choosing a topic
  • Managing time
  • Research and formatting

Choosing a Topic

Choosing a topic is one of the first challenges students need to face. You probably have a broad theme, but you still need to choose a specific topic. When you have so many options, making a choice feels even more difficult. It feels like a real challenge and many students stumble upon this challenge when they start working on their dissertations. Your topic should not be too broad, nor too specific. But how do you make the choice? How do you decide on it? Even though it can feel overwhelming this first step, you should keep in mind a few tips.

And one of the most important ones is to choose a topic that you like, one that you have a genuine interest in. a dissertation is not written in a day, so you will need to work on it for quite some time. It would feel like a burden if you choose a topic that you do not like. This is why experts from a dissertation writing service advise students to choose a topic they love as this would make the entire writing and research process way easier and more pleasant. Avoid choosing a topic for your dissertation just for the sake of it. Even though you might not want to give this task too much of your attention and energy, it would be better to spend the time working on it with pleasure.

Managing Time

The challenge of managing time is a real one and it is not present only when writing a dissertation, but during your study years too. You have probably faced this challenge before, so you know what to expect. However, a dissertation is a type of paper you might not have written before unless you have graduated from another college before. So, it can feel overwhelming when you think about it. But it is not a challenge students cannot face and solve quickly.

It is essential to know all the steps of writing a dissertation and how much time you need for each of them. More important, however, is to start ahead of time and not postpone starting your work. Even though all these thoughts might make you procrastinate, this only makes it worse. Managing time is essential as it helps you create a powerful and compelling paper without cramming all your work in a week. Making a plan and sticking to it is crucial as it makes the entire process smooth and clear. And, of course, pleasant if you love the topic you have chosen.

Research and Formatting

Another challenge students have to face when they write their dissertation is the research part. Depending on your topic choice, you might find lots of studies, books, and articles you can read and gather information from. Sometimes, this step can get heavy as the internet is a vast place and you have lots of sources to gain inspiration from. Make sure you choose to inform from high-authoritative sources that present valid and relevant information.

When you research, it is essential to take notes. This will help you to cite accordingly and avoid plagiarism. And, of course, format the dissertation following the requirements from your college. Each college and professor have its own formatting rules, and this can turn out to be a real challenge for students. Knowing all the formatting and citation rules is crucial and it can help you slowly complete this step too.

Final Words

Writing a powerful and compelling dissertation is what all students want. However, a dissertation is not an essay or a simple assignment, so it comes with a few challenges. But you can face all of them successfully if you become aware of them and the solutions you have at hand.


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