07th Nov2022

Online Roulette – How to Win More on Every Spin

by James Smith

Besides many other exciting and alluring online casino games, online roulette remains in the top 3 favorite places. There’s something thrilling and challenging about having to guess the spin and bet on the spin of a numbered wheel to attract high winnings. Not everything relies on luck with online casino gambling as some people may think, with online roulette you can get around to how to win at roulette. If you were to have the right roulette strategy, that works, you could just hand a $100 bill to the dealer and earn more than just a return.

Even though many people look at online roulette as a fun pastime, now you don’t have to merely rely on your blind luck but try to win more on every spin. Here you have some of the most practical and niftiest tips that will help you learn how to win online roulette and guide you through the ways to make it more just about sheer luck. Read on.

Get the gist of roulette variants

Playing roulette is utterly fun, but have you ever wondered how some tables are somehow different than others? This is because there are some differences in roulette variants. To get the gist of the game, you need to know that there are three main variants of the game: American, European, and French roulette. No matter which roulette game you choose, be aware that different table variants offer different house edges. European roulette might be the best as it gives players the best odds of beating the house, a staggering 2.64%, but other variants are also quite intriguing.

Take the odds into account before placing your bet

Before placing all your money on one single number, you can strategize your game much better by learning about the odds before placing your bet. You can win a tiny amount of money by betting on lots of numbers because a rule of thumb in roulette is plain and simple – the more numbers you bet on, the higher your winning chances. For that matter, if you were to place your chip on one number, you risk losing all as the chances of hitting that specific number are rather low. Hence, with the same chip, you could bet on sever numbers on the board, basically choose to bet on multiple numbers, and in that way, you could slowly but surely top up your game and enhance your chances of winning big.

Strategize your betting system, but don’t be tactical

Having a certain tactic when betting is not the same as having a good strategy. With online roulette, you cannot rest assured that all of your tactics would work as the game is changeable and the roulette table won’t comply with your make-believe counting options. One tactic can work one day and secure you a safe win, however, it may not work the next day. Hence, it’s far better to set up a clear strategy on which you could rely every time and go for safe “small” wins every other time. In roulette, it’s better to design a betting system that seems credible for your such as the Martingale System, but not to jump on it every single time. Bear in mind that every betting system and its strategy won’t always work in a real setting as games such as roulette are also based on luck.

Spice the bets up

One way to earn to win more on every spin is to try the outside bets. These bets are a form of wagers that are placed on groups as opposed to just numbers. It’s a fair strategy that can help you win more in chunks. Place the bets on odd or even, red or black, 1-18 r 19-46, dozen bets, etc. This is a perfect strategy for those who wish to ensure small but secure winning. Another way to spice up your game and bets is to try combination bets. This involves putting a stake on either two, three, four, or five individual numbers. Place your bets, for instance, on a corner that touches four different numbers, and see if you get lucky. Perfect for small wins and it can surely help you score larger payouts in the long run.

Know the online tricks

When playing roulette in a bring and mortar casino, the chances are that you can count on a win if a biased wheel allowed some numbers to pop up more than others. However, this won’t be the case in an online roulette casino game. When the ball spins and hits the wheels it causes micro dents that can affect the ball’s movement, but that’s only plausible in a traditional casino, and the chances of things repeating are scarce. Online roulette wheels use a random number generator to point out the outcome of each spin, not the gravity or physics, therefore this trick won’t work for online roulette.

It’s essential to understand the roulette odds and then to try other things and that’s the best online roulette trick you ought to know. There is no tangible and “exact” way to win when playing online roulette, but there’s a way to enhance your game and that’s by learning the odds, and doing whatever it takes to step up in the game and get better.


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