13th Jun2022

What Does the Future of Online Games Look Like?

by James Smith

The Future of Online Gaming

The future of the online gaming industry can be a difficult thing to predict. The industry has evolved so much since its inception and evolves faster and faster every day; new technology, changing player needs, and preferences, and new developers rising to prominence all influence the way that the industry might twist and turn. Predicting the future for any enterprise is basically a lot of educated guessing and looking at the past to see how things have gone before.

Over the last few years, all variants of online gaming have seen an unprecedented growth spurt. People being home with more time on their hands than usual, led to more people becoming gamers, more people trying out different genres and consoles, and more people playing mobile slots, fantasy adventures, and puzzle games. People who might never have considered gaming as a pastime before now have access to devices, good internet, and new kinds of games that bring them into the fold. These new gamers, as well as the billions that came before them, all contribute to the continued growth and evolution of this multi-billion dollar industry. Let’s take a look at what the experts see in the future for online gaming.

Development of New Genres

MMO (massive multiplayer online) has been one of the most prominent genres in the gaming world since it first began. New technologies are coming onto the scene. Such as VR gaming tech, which means that new subgenres are constantly popping up and either sticking it out or vanishing. Virtual and augmented reality allows gamers to immerse themselves in the game world like never before. The best example we have of new genres forming around this tech is games like Pokemon go: game creatures and activities are superimposed onto the real world through the use of headsets or mobile devices. Before long, Pokemon Go is going to look like small potatoes because this technology is evolving and becoming available faster and faster every day. The longer a technology is on the market, the more affordable it becomes, the more affordable it is, and the more people will be able to own it.

Improved Graphics

Every gamer knows the frustration of a graphics card simply being unable to handle the newest game, or worse, it flaming out mid-challenge. The advances in gaming graphics technology have been absolutely mind-blowing over the last few years, along with the necessary advances in screen and monitor tech and PC or mobile device processing power. The art of motion capture has brought a whole new dimension to gaming graphics and especially game release cinematics. Given that this technology is only in its infancy in the grand scheme of things, we know that better and better graphics are on the horizon. This is particularly true of the mobile gaming industry. Mobile gamers have long felt like the unwanted step-children of the gaming industry, taking whatever was on offer. Now with mobile devices having incredible processing power and screens, as well as the fact that games are being developed with mobile play in mind, the graphics are becoming sharper and brighter than ever.

More Social Gaming

The social aspect of gaming has really come into the light over the last few years when social interaction was impossible. Where previously, the perception was that gamers were anti-social individuals with minimal real human connections and that online friends were not “real friends,” we now understand that the social aspect of gaming is authentic. For people who game a lot, specifically those who favour team games, the social connections made online are just as real as any you might make in person. Friendships, visits, chats, and working together in a team are all social aspects that gamers experience in just as much living colour as anyone else. Now that the world is aware of the social aspects of gaming and how it can actually be a tool for those with social anxiety, those who prefer to stay home or are unable to leave their home for any reason, the social aspect of gaming is going to be highlighted and focussed on more and more.

Digital Currencies

Though several of the more forward-thinking gaming companies and streaming or subscription services already offer payment via digital currencies like Bitcoin and Etherium, experts foresee a massive uptake in the amount these currencies will be used in the gaming industry. These non-regulated currencies have real value and can currently buy anything from airline tickets to meals, depending on where you are. Soon, you will be able to make more in-game purchases with digital currencies, as well as subscriptions paid.

Wrap Up

The future of online gaming is bright and full of possibilities. With different types of games, different gaming portals, and devices, new gamers join the gaming family every day. We can’t wait to see what the future holds.


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