21st Dec2021

‘The Witcher: Season Two’ Review (Netflix)

by Paul Metcalf

They say that good things are worth the wait, and when it comes to The Witcher, luckily this seems to be the case. The Witcher season two continues the story from the first, and doesn’t slow down at all. This is lucky, as there is a lot of story to cover in the eight episodes, which in the end don’t feel enough.

After the Battle of Sodden, Geralt (Henry Cavill) is dealing with his loss of Yennefer (Anya Chalotra). Now with Ciri (Freya Allan) in tow, he looks for answers as to the mysteries that surround his new companion. While the Witcher goes through his own issues, the world around him becomes a much stranger and dangerous place.

To actually go too deep into what happens in season two would ruin much of the fun of The Witcher, so don’t expect many spoilers here, if any at all. There are old friends and new in this season that are actually a treat to see, and be reintroduced to. There are plenty of new ones too that fans of the novels, television shows, and games will enjoy to see. If anything get ready to be a little overloaded with. One hint I will give is to watch The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf which you can also find on Netflix.

What no fans will obviously love is the fact we see a lot of what is to be expected from the second season. There are important places that need to be introduced, and the work done to make them instantly recognisable to people really is good work. Fans of the video games will feel at home with the locations, and it really does feel like “coming home” to the Witcher world.

One thing I’ve mentioned a few times in this review is the fact there is somewhat of an overload of story (or you could call it lore) in this season. Again, fans of The Witcher will welcome this and somewhat expect to see it, as with any show that has such an in-depth wealth of source material. It also really feels like this is the season where they are setting up a lot of the stories to come in future seasons, which is why in some respects it feels like there could have been more episodes.

Could we have seen more monsters in the show? Of course we could, but in the end there is only so much that can be fit in eight episodes. What we see though is that The Witcher world is growing, and we are getting to see more of it, and even more extensions to it that promise exciting things in the future. This includes something that is teased which will make fans very happy.

Having binged The Witcher season two to write this review, I found it very easy to make my way through the eight episodes. The Witcher is becoming a stronger show that what it was in it’s previous season and promises to only get better. There is so much set up that show things are going to get a lot more interesting, now to hope that season three doesn’t take as long to come as season two did.

***** 5/5

Season two of The Witcher is available on Netflix now.

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