25th Nov2021

Grimmfest announce ‘Xmas Horror Nights’ December event

by Phil Wheat

The Grimmfest team have hijacked Rudolph, booted Santa off the back of the sleigh, and are heading for a chimney near you, or at least a computer screen. Two nights of festive frights, seasonal shockers and merry mean-spiritedness, delivered right into your homes. Fearsome feature films, startling shorts, and all manner of eerie extras; everything you need for a chilling Christmas and a cruel Yule.

On Friday December 10th, there’s a reminder of just what a hellish time of year this is for those working in the retail trade, as Bruce Campbell and Devon Sawa find themselves confronted by hordes of demented bargain hunting shoppers possessed by alien parasites in Casey Tebo’s riotously funny splatter satire Black Friday. The film is scheduled for a February 2022 release in the UK from Siguature, but this will be the International Premiere; an exclusive opportunity to see the film ahead of the crowds. Meanwhile, an amnesiac young woman, striving to come to terms with past trauma, finds herself trapped in an automated house, with the manipulative and increasingly unstable computerised “virtual therapist” AIDA (Emily Atack), in Jay Ness’s chilling high tec psychodrama, Dark Cloud, another Grimmfest International Premiere.

On Saturday December 11th, a blocked writer’s return to his rural roots in search of inspiration brings him face to face with dark local legends and long-buried secrets, in Macarena Astorga’s mischievously meta-fictional and genre-savvy slice of retro-styled Spanish Gothic, The House of Snails, an English Premiere. And a blind house-sitter faces down a band of violent criminals, aided only by a phone app and her own ruthless resourcefulness, in Randall Okita’s whip-smart and corkscrew-plotted spin on the classic home invasion movie, See For Me, which gains added authenticity from the casting of sight-impaired actor Skyler Davenport in the lead. The film is scheduled for UK release by Signature in late January 2022, but this is an exclusive opportunity to see it before then.

Each double bill will be accompanied by a suitably sour selection of shorts, plus cast and crew Q&As, and other goodies. Check out this link for more info and to buy tickets.

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