25th Nov2021

Black Friday Around The World – Which Countries Spend The Most?

by James Smith

The Black Friday weekend shopping event has grown beyond the borders of the United States. It’s more popular than Cyber Monday across the world. Black Friday 2021 will undoubtedly go down in history. With many sectors suffering the effects of the pandemic lockdowns around the world, this year’s busiest shopping weekend is expected to be a make-or-break for many businesses.

While the environment continues to evolve, and it’s tough to know what the future might bring, certain trends appear to be holding true.

How Does 2021 Black Friday Look?

The closing of many physical stores throughout most of 2020 has caused a lot of uncertainty about how popular the Black Friday weekend will be this year. Due to the fact that many physical shops are closed this weekend as a result of continuing limitations, online competition is greater than it has ever been and stores that are open might see less traffic than ever before.

The UK vs The US

The Black Friday weekend has exploded in popularity over time, with American businesses generating more than $5 billion in online purchases between 2013 and 2019 and spending an average of $2 billion more every year since 2018.

While the United States has seen an exponential increase in Black Friday sales over time, other countries have not. In 2018, UK total Black Friday online purchases were less than the US’s in 2013. Customers, however, are anticipated to spend more with each new year.

Black Friday Spenders Around the World

What are the average Black Friday expenditures across the World? According to Betway, in a recent study, Americans were found to be the highest spenders on average, spending $497 per person. This is followed by Canada with $441 per person, the United Kingdom with $406, Ireland in fourth place with $348 per person, and UAE in fifth at $298.

How Is Modern Day Affecting Cyber Monday?

According to Phibbs, the profitability of Black Friday is paradoxical since offering such a wide range of discounts, which reduce their margins, has the potential to make a lot of money. He continued in his interview with Betway that it’s due in part to big businesses’ inventiveness and the extension of Black Friday into a multi-day event.

“It’s the biggest of the big,” he says. The Walmarts and even Amazons launched their Black Friday deals back in October. We can also look at Prime Day in the summer.”

“There used to be Cyber Monday that was a big deal before we had apps and people had internet in their homes. People came back to work and did their shopping on Monday because that was the only time they could actually get online. That’s not the case anymore. People have more time to do their shopping.”

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