17th Nov2021

The Best Monopoly Games

by James Smith

Monopoly is one of our most famed and beloved board games. For hobbyists and enthusiasts in the tabletop community around the world, few games or characters are as instantly recognizable as Monopoly and its titular Mr. Monopoly figure. In fact, 2020 was the biggest year ever for Monopoly according to its makers Hasbro. While many of us may most strongly associate the game with its classic iteration and memories of playing in our homes with friends and family across the living room table, Monopoly is actually blessed with plenty of spin-offs, versions and variations.

For those looking to enjoy a novel design or innovative take on the family favourite, navigating the enormous selection of available games is a daunting task. We’ve compiled a list of the most notable Monopoly games currently available, spanning a wide range of settings and styles. So gather your friends (in person or digitally), pick a piece, and continue reading to discover the new Monopoly game of your choice!

Monopoly Plus

Given the coronavirus pandemic of the last couple of years, digital versions of board games are a surging trend among gamers on PC and consoles. Since 2017 one of the more popular board games available in the field of video games has been Ubisoft’s Monopoly Plus, playable across all major platforms.

Monopoly Plus brings the game board to life – tokens, dice, pieces and all. With all the busy work of counting money (not to mention the potential for cheating) removed, and a streamlined game process, this digital take on the game is hugely popular among those looking to enjoy safe and socially distanced multiplayer gameplay without the hassle of having to manage all the game components manually!

Monopoly Dungeons and Dragons

Oddly enough, the same pandemic that pushed sales of digital board games has also hugely increased the sale of physical board games as families stuck at home together for prolonged periods of lockdowns or social distancing discovered (or rediscovered) the fun of playing tabletop games together. Apart from driving the huge success of Monopoly last year mentioned above, this has also spurred along the creation of new variants of Monopoly exploring all sorts of different themes and content.

The physical game we’d like to highlight here in particular is the recently released Monopoly Dungeons and Dragons, which sees the classic game thoroughly revamped to feature infamous monsters from the RPG, treasure chests and spell books instead of the regular real estate, community chests and railroads. The gorgeous new money, cards and game pieces in particular (themed after classic Dungeons and Dragons character classes) are simply stunning. The game looks and plays great – so if you’re looking to pick up a new Monopoly game to play in person, this is where you should look first!

Monopoly Live

For a more thrilling take on the theme of Monopoly games, many developers have discovered the potential synergy of the game’s elements with online gambling. Games such as Monopoly Live from Evolution Gaming pick up that potential and innovate on the classic game by adding live game mechanics such as hosts spinning super-sized wheels, which feature everything from cash prizes to built-in 3D bonus games in augmented reality.

Finding the best online casino sites to visit can be a challenge, so it’s a good idea to make use of review sites such as the one linked here to make sure you find a game suitable for your taste. So, if you’re looking for a Monopoly experience that combines the great flavour of the game with the thrill of casinos, then look no further!

McDonald’s Monopoly Event

Beyond the digital, physical and casino takes on Monopoly listed above, a further hugely innovative take on the franchise is to be experienced in McDonald’s massively celebrated Monopoly events. Although this year’s contest finally came to an end just last month, there is little doubt that 2022 will see the fan favourite competition returning.

Basically, the game works by simply ordering certain items from the McDonald’s menu for which you receive various game tokens. Combining these in different ways allows you to exchange them for free food, cash or even amazing prizes. Indeed, in 2018 over eight million prizes were claimed – among them six Mini Coopers and several hundred thousand pounds worth of cash! If you’d like to enjoy Monopoly with a hearty fast-food meal then make sure you’ve worked up a good appetite by the time next year’s event kicks off!


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