03rd Nov2021

‘MCM Comic Con London’ Oct 2021 – Convention Report

by Xenia Grounds

It’s back! After understandable cancellations in 2020, MCM London has made a return this year and I imagine the question is what are conventions like in a post-pandemic world? Well, they are still fun but it’s definitely on a smaller scale than what has come before it in recent years.

If you’ve read my previous reports, it’s normally involved a lot of upcoming games and other mediums and there was a notable lack of that this time. The biggest exclusive I could find was seeing scenes from the upcoming fantasy drama series Wheel of Time. From what I saw of those, it does really feel like Amazon’s attempt at creating Game of Thrones. The production value is definitely there and the talent is top-notch with the likes of Rosamund Pike being involved. The writing was fine from what I can remember but whether it can hold up for an entire season’s worth of episodes is still something that will have to be seen.

The biggest guest at MCM without doubt was Tom Hiddleston. There was no shortage of Loki cosplays on Saturday when the Loki panel with the actors from the show happened. Unfortunately, I missed being able to enter so I can’t say how good or interesting it was but I did manage to see panels with a majority of the voice actors who did attend such as David Hayter, Jim Cummings, Nicole Tompkins and so on. As this convention is very much testing the waters, there aren’t as many guests as the usual con. You can definitely tell how much smaller this MCM was because during earlier parts of the day, there could be very empty sections of the hall which is surreal when you’re used to barely finding a spot to sit down at MCM. More often than not, I did spend a lot of time just walking around the various stalls and shopping.

Let me be clear. This isn’t a bad thing. I definitely bought my fair share of Funko Pops, plushies and merchandise than I normally would (I dread to do the maths when it comes to how much I spent in those three days) because I did have the time to explore these things instead of rushing around from stage to stage or wanting to get an autograph or photo op with a particular guest. However, if this isn’t what you go to Comic Con for, then I imagine you’ll be a little lost at what to do with your time.

It’s an interesting one because while I definitely had less to do, I think there was a general happiness at being able to even be at a convention again that was very much appreciated by the guests and the attendees. Every day before Comic Con ended, I always found myself going back to the Lush Bus because without fail, there was a massive group dance that I got to take part in and I loved every second of it. Even on my first night, I found myself watching a Rocky Horror Sing-Along at the main stage and found myself singing Time Warp upon leaving just because the audience couldn’t stop doing that either.

So overall, if I had to summarize the experience in a sentence, I would describe it as: Understandably curious but still a worthwhile time. While I personally do prefer the ones I’ve been to in previous years, that might be because they had things that were carried over from EGX like some of the biggest games coming out and I hear EGX was also more contained this year than in previous years too. All of this said, going to an MCM last year was unthinkable given the circumstances so the fact that we can go to these events with a newfound gratitude for what they can offer like making friends, cosplaying, meeting those we admire, finding items of the various things you love all in one place is a feeling that I don’t think any of us will be losing anytime soon.


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