28th Sep2021

Unboxing: 80s and Horror ‘Top Trumps’

by Phil Wheat

Check out our unboxing of two new Limited Edition Top Trumps sets from Winning Moves – Lets Go Back to the 80s set and the 30 Scary Flix set.


The 1980s had it all: video games, big hair, sci-fi movies and a slew of pop, rap and punk rock stars. If you’ve ever wondered how Madonna compares to Wham!, how E.T. and Ghostbusters measure up, or how Only Fools and Horses fares against MTV, then we’ve got the pack for you. Introducing Top Trumps ‘80s! With categories including Newsworthy, Pop Factor and Longevity, and custom bios to give you all the facts, you’ll discover classic toys, topical events and famous figures galore. Whether you remember the ‘80s or you’re just discovering this glamorous era for the first time, there’s no denying the influence of the Walkman, the cultural significance of the hip hop movement, the innovation of the Sinclair ZX Spectrum or the fiendish challenge of the Rubik’s cube! Choose your best stat from each card; if your opponent can’t top it, you get to take their card. It’s time to find out once and for all who – or what – truly defines this amazing period in history, so dig out your hairspray and roller skates and get playing!


Are you ready for the scariest Top Trumps experience ever? 30 great horror films from from across the ages, from classic to contemporary, from spooky to gruesome, from big hit to cult treasure, they’re all here. If you love horror, you’ll love this pack.

You can buy both sets now from http://winningmoves.co.uk


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