19th Aug2021

Top 5: Gifts to Buy for the Geek in Your Life This Christmas

by James Smith

Self-proclaimed geeks are a discerning crowd when it comes to their particular fandom, making them a tricky group of loveable weirdos to shop for. Items on their wish lists will almost certainly not be practical or completely vague. Not everyone can find a “phased plasma rifle in the 40-watt range.”

So, with the holiday season almost upon us, let’s take a look at the top 5 gifts to buy that special geek in your life this Christmas.

For a Star Wars Geek

Star Wars or Trekkie is usually the first question out there, but either way, there are tons of great gifts you can find for your geeky loved one.

For the discerning Star Wars fan, nothing says “King (or Queen) of the Geeks” like your own custom lightsaber. There are quite a few SFX companies that specialize in creating your very own lightsaber customized down to the last detail.

They come in all shapes, sizes, detail, and various levels of completion.

Do you feel like giving it a personal touch? You can buy empty shells and parts, and build it yourself, just like a true Jedi.

For a Dungeons & Dragons Geek

The best Christmas gift for any true D&D geek is getting a full party of players together on time. Since that will never happen, why not give your Dungeon Master a break this year?

Get them a copy of The Return of the Lazy Dungeon Master. It’s a handy book that takes years of tips and tricks from other Dungeon Masters letting you spend more time actually playing the game and less time trying to plan out elaborate campaigns that are ultimately derailed before the players ever leave the first tavern.

If they’re not a Dungeon Master or just enjoy RPG games, consider creating a customized miniature for them. 3D designers and workshops make it easy to customize and print out miniatures for any game including your very own D&D mini.

For a Literary Geek

Excuse me, the more accurate term is bibliophile. Apologies to my fellow bookworms out there.
Chances are that any literary geek you know already has an astounding library in their possession. Bibliophiles simply cannot walk by a bookstore without buying a book. Therefore, rather than adding to their overflowing shelves, it’s a good idea to get them the perfect book-geek gift that isn’t actually a book at all.

Why not try gifting them with a personalized book stamp or embosser? These ornate contraptions put a classy touch to every book in their collection. Imagine opening the cover of a book on their shelf and seeing it stamped or embossed with ornate imagery, “From the Library of …”

That takes a collection of books and turns it into their own personalized library. It’s especially useful when they loan out books to friends because they “Absolutely have to read this one”.

For a Board Game Geek

What about a board game and book-lover? With the new Dune movie coming out this year, wrapping up a copy of the Dune Board Game or Dune: Imperium for a book and board game-loving geek would definitely check all of the boxes.

There’s another Dune board game floating around, but it’s been out of print for quite some time and only available at inflated prices through specialist sellers. The new version comes equipped with brand new artwork in line with the upcoming movie and is a perfect way to spend time before its theatrical release.

There are so many different board games available, you will have no problem finding one for the BGG in your life.

For a Video Game Geek

Chances are the gamer geek in your life already pre-ordered every hot new release out there, so buying them an actual game is out of the question… unless they specifically ask for it. This is where all those sweet gaming accessories come into play.

If you know their favorite video game, you can also get unique gifts like branded headsets, keyboards, or mice. There’s a massive market for peripherals and gaming setups that help players take their gaming to the next level. 

Better gear is always a must because gamers tend to spend more money on new games than actually updating their setups. Oftentimes you’ll see elaborate PC towers or clean organized consoles lining a wall, but then players log in with a pair of headphones and mouse that came for free with a purchase.


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