11th Aug2021

‘AEW Dark: Elevation – Episode 22’ Review

by Phil Wheat

Welcome to this weeeks review of AEW DarK: Elevation the first of FOUR AEW programs this week – and look out for reviews of them all going forward. Let’s keep this review as shoirt and sweet as this weeks Elevation and get right into it!

Match #1: Red Velvet def. Renee Michelle

My Thoughts: Good god this was brief. Michelle got in some early offence, jumping Red Velvet before th bell. But this one was over before it began in all honesty.

My Score: 1.5 out of 5

Match #2: Capt. Shawn Dead def. Peter Avalon

My Thoughts: Wow. The Captain got a win here. I was honestly not expecting that… at all. This match was another super-fast effort, with Dean getting the pin before a minute was even up! Can we expect a push for the Captain going forward? I cerainly hope so.

My Score: 1.5 out of 5

Match #3: Hikaru Shida def. Tesha Price

My Thoughts: Tesha Price’s duplicitous psycho-princess persona is starting to grow on me. Though she didn’t get much time to show of here with yet another short match. No wonder this weeks episode of Elevation is short!

My Score: 1.5 out of 5

Match #4: Brian Cage def. RSP

My Thoughts: I looked like Cage had some decent competition from RSP given the size of both men. However this was instead a Brian Cage/AEW quasi-squash match.

My Score: 2 out of 5

Match #5: Jade Cargill def. Amber Nova

My Thoughts: Amber Nova (who seriously deserves to get some wins under her belt soon) sold well for Jade Cargill, who still looks a little too green for AEW: Dynamite but, given this is all about giving wrestlers experience in the ring and on “TV”, I guess this match did its job.

My Score: 1.5 out of 5

Match #6: Jurassic Express def. Carlie Bravo and Cyrus

My Thoughts: Jesus Christ, another sub-minute squash match… WTF is going on this week on Elevation. Most of these matches have had longer introductions than matches! This one was over before it began as Carlie Bravo and Cyrus got the jump on Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy but then Bravo submitted to Jungle Boy’s Snare Trap finisher less than 30 seconds later!

My Score: 1.5 out of 5

Match #7: Lucha Bros def. Mike and Matt Sydal

My Thoughts: Now this is more like it. These two teams felt, for the most part, well-matched; hitting their spots, almost playful-like in the way they wrestled each other. And they were actually give some time and space to actually wrestle, not just put on another squash match!

My Score: 3 out of 5

News of the Night:

  1. Daniel Garcia called out Fuego Del Sol AND Darby Allin
  2. Joey Janela turned on Sonny Kiss, turning heel once again.

Final Verdict: 2/5

This episode felt much like filler than any AEW show in recent memory, with tons of ads/promos for Rampage and a lengthy sequence devoted to Joey Janela’s heel turn. But hey, at least we got another Jade Cargill match… at last(?). This episode was really all about the main event – which sounds like something I’d say about WWE!


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