14th Jul2021

Wolverine Wednesday #45

by Ian Wells

Wolverine #13

Writer: Benjamin Percy | Artist: Scot Eaton | Inker: Oren Junior | Colourist: Matthew Wilson | Letters: Cory Petit

The Hellfire Gala comes to the pages of Wolverine… and it’s not an easy read! Since X-Men relaunched under the guidance of Hickman I have been trying to stay in touch with all the goings on via reviews and news articles. When the new X-Men team and the winner of the vote came out online before the issues were released I kind of lost interest. Bascially all of this lead to this particular issue being a continuity minefield to navigate. This issue has the feel that the reader is just dropping in to briefly witness 3/4 different plot points that then continue elsewhere. It is everything I was expecting previously with regards to X-Force crossover, with Percy penning both titles. Think of it as X-Force filler more than a solo Wolverine story. Maybe I need to revisit that series and things happening here might have more meaning? As well as the X-Force connectivity this issue has connective tissue obviously with the lot in X-Men, the Gala as a whole event and even elements with the one shot Planet Sized X-Men. I think I am going to have to check that out at some point as well. Then again I shouldn’t have to be buying multiple titles so this one makes sense! With all that in mind I wouldn’t even go as far to say this issue is for Wolverine completists. If anything it is strictly for Hickman/X-Men completists. Despite the cover by Kubert and  being an absolute lie with regards to the content inside it is a very eye catching image. I love the Wolverine font in the neon pink, it draws the eye immediately and adds to the party vibes. Just the little detail of having some of the letters be like damaged lights due to ongoing chaos makes it. I have commented previously how all the artists, inkers, colourists across the series have clearly defined different genres, settings within the story by adapting stylistic approaches and colour choices. While everything in this issue is pretty much happening at the gala it still at times feels like an attack on the senses as we jump between plot points. Its like the art and colour doesn’t get a chance to settle in one setting before shooting off to another. As you have all probably guessed this issue was a big miss for me. Thirteen unlucky for some I guess. Here is hoping Wolverine and more so the creative team can get through the est of the year without any event crossovers. Oh one last thing. Can anyone tell me if Beast is an a**hole in all X-books or just when he guests in Wolverine? I mean I like it, it is certainly an angle we have not seen for him before. I just want it to be consistent.

Weapon X and Final Flight #1 – Heroes Reborn Tie-In

Writer: Ed Brisson | Artsit: Roland Boschi | Colourist: Chris O’Halloran | Letters: Cory Petit

AS far as one shots tying into other big event stories goes this one is very accessible. You don’t need any knowledge of the event to follow and enjoy the story between the covers of this issue. The plot may be a little paint by numbers but at the end of the day you don’t want to get tied down in anything too heavy with a oneshot tie-in issue. When I saw this particular issue solicited I had no interest in Heroes Reborn as a whole, but I had a certain idea of what I wanted from this issue. Of course I didn’t get that but there was enought to still make it a good read. As ever with the oneshots set in an alternate reality story all the enjoyment comes from the small details, the nods and winks, the continuity deep cuts. We get all of that here with regards to the make up of the Alpah Flight team and some Weapon X iconography through out. I really liked the aesthetic they went with for Wolverine in this. A combination of his classic look and the tell tale signs of the Weapon X experiment. There is a major spoiler on page one. I can’t make up my mind as to whether the reveal is really smart or really stupid. It happens on page one and this page was used in all the previews so it would have been seen by lots of eyes. Does it potentially spoil the outcome of Heroes Reborn? Or by having it here is the hope that it will attract more people like me to the event? On the whole I didn’t like the art. I have seen and liked Boschi’s stuff before and when I saw him teamed with Brisson who both have previous Wolverine experience I thought we would be in for a treat. So on that level I can’t explain why this didn’t connect with me. Perhaps personally it is the feeling of the art style not fitting the genre of the story. At times it feels like the art and colour are working against each other. Tony Daniel provides an excellent cover where the team like badass and dynamic. Within the story we never really get in-depth to team dynamics and them operating at their peek which is a shame. The moody purple skies work for me, as do the night time hues of blues and greys. As mentioned there are plenty of Weapon X imagery going on. In these scenes while O’Halloran doesn’t emulate Windsor Smiths use of colour in the original story outright. It still has a feel of you know where he is coming from in terms of inspiration and look he is wanting to achieve. So a decent story if nothing spectacular. Wouldn’t go as far to say it is for every Wolverine or Alpha Flight fan but there is enough going on to get some enjoyment out of it.

Hugh Jackman Returns?

Last week Hugh Jackman took to social media to tease/troll fans about his possible future involvement in the MCU. This included posting a picture of him and Keving Fiege and an image of his iconic claws. Of course we have seen Jackman indulge in some online antics most notably with Ryan Reynolds insistence he comes out of retirement to face of against Deadpool. From a bias point of view a Deadpool vs Wolverine movie would be amazing. If anyone has read the Deadpool vs Old Man Logan mini series that would be a good premise although ironically it does share some similarities with Deadpool 2. Every character who has had past movie exposure is currently being linked with being cast in Doctor Strange 2. While it would be amazing to see Jackman suit up one more time as Wolverine I think after any potential cameo in this movie it should finally be the end! I have said before I don’t envy the head of casting for the MCU. Jackman was perfect and grew more and more into the role as time went by. Jackman and James Mangold did something special with Logan so maybe even a small cameo could potentially undo that legacy. While I would love to see how the MCU handles Wolverine I’m prepared for there to be a waiting game ahead of us. I think it would be amazing if any forth coming X-Men movie started with the original five like the comics and built towards the second genesis. Of course I expect the powers that be to take a more strategic approach. The X-Men represent the biggest case of diversity within the Marvel Universe and I think they would be very wise to tap into this, which could of course leading to a team roster unlike anything we have ever seen in the comics. But then that wouldn’t be a bad thing.


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