09th Jul2021

‘Ru Paul’s Drag Race All-Stars 6×04’ Review

by Rhys Payne

I don’t care what anyone says, I don’t believe that it was the other queens on Ru Paul’s Drag Race All-Stars 6 that sent Silky Nutmeg Gnache home last week but instead it was the fans. After her original season, Silky received horrendous amounts of hate from the fans as they thought she was loud and obnoxious and while I wasn’t the best Silky fan during season 11, NOBODY EVER deserves that level of hatred. When she returned to All-Stars she wanted to show a better side of herself and prove she’s not as overwhelming as everyone thinks she is, so she took a back seat in the challenge and that’s what got her sent home! I was also excited to see how much Silky had stepped up her drag, outfits etc., as she did make some questionable choices during her first season but it is clear she has invested a lot of time, money and effort into being the best possible version of herself. My only redeeming hope is that we get Silky to return within this game, with a game that I hope is a lip-sync smackdown – as during her original season she talked up her lip-sync abilities but when it came down to it received the infamous “Meh” comment. This is the only thing from her original season that has yet to be redeemed, so I hope she gets the chance to show everyone how much she has evolved in the performance department. On the other end of the competition we have Trinity K Bonet, who won her first-ever challenge after performing exactly in the side hustle advert challenge so had to lip-sync against the returning Laganja Estranga. Langanja has stepped up her game since her season as next to Trinity they delivered one of the greatest lip-syncs in drag race her-story! So onto this weeks episode …

The episode of Ru Paul’s Drag Race All-Stars opens up with all the queens discussing Silky going home and Pandora decides to reveal all the votes from the last episode. The queens discovered that it was a close call between Akeira and Silky going home, with the latter getting just two votes more which created instant drama in the werk room (despite how much Akeira wants us to believe she was okay with it). The challenge this week was one of the best I have seen in a long time! The queens had selected a celebrity to impersonate while delivering a lip-sync cover of one of Ru Paul’s songs. This challenge was branded as a half-time performance which played on the stereotype that LGBT+ people don’t enjoy football but simply tune in for the half-time acts (which I am aware that this is not always true, I know a large number of people who do this). As this show contained celebrity impressions while covering Ru Paul’s songs, this draws similarities to the diva challenge from All-Stars 3, however the production value this season was so much higher! Each act had backup dancers, set lighting and incredible outfits which elevated the whole performance. Every challenge this season has been of an extremely high standard and choosing who will go home has been very difficult. As this was a performance challenge with choreography and theatrics one would assume it would be right up until Jan’s alley but more on that later.

This entire season (apart from her car crash standup comedy routine) I have been incredibly impressed by Trinity K Bonet, as she has cleared stepped her drag up tremendously! Last week we saw her redeem herself from an acting challenge in her original season by winning the advert making challenge in All-Stars (which is just an acting challenge in disguise) and this week redeemed herself from the fight between her and Bianca, where Bianca made fun of Trinity for wanting to be like Beyoncé. Not only this but she also broke the curse of queens playing Beyoncé which comes from all the bad impressions they have done during the snatch. Trinity had chosen to perform as Beyoncé and she was incredible – even during rehearsals – she slayed the choreography, looking incredible while doing so. We had another call back to Pandora Box’s original season where she did another impression of Carol Channing who she did for snatch game all the way back in season 2.

What was particularly interesting in this episode of Ru Paul’s Drag Race All-Stars is that we had two different instances of male drag in the main performance; with Akeira, who took on the role of Prince and Kylie Sonique Love, who played Steven Tyler. It is nice to see the view of a show such as drag race adjusting to fit the modern world and it’s about time they had some drag kings on the show! I enjoyed Scarlett Envy’s performance in this show as she entered the stage wearing a jewelled shark costume which revealed a more pop princess inspired look underneath. Despite being famous for not being able to dance in her original season she didn’t let that hold her back and delivered a very fun performance! The Beyoncé impression curse was not the only curse broken on this episode, Jan told everyone that this is what she does at home and … walked away with the win! This was completely deserved in my opinion as Jan owned the stage and gave a very convincing impression. I thought the Yara looked incredible as Shakira and it is clear she is a massive fan of hers (but I’m not sure how good of an idea it was to correct the choreography as they are teaching you). The one thing about these musical challenges I don’t enjoy is the scene where the queens sit down to listen to the tracks, as the audience cannot hear anything and while I understand it is supposed to build up excitement, I just find it wasted air time.

The runway theme this week was “the thrill of it” with the first queen to grace the runway being Eureka. She wore the most fringed outfit have ever seen anyone wear, as she graced the runway and revealed to a very cute cowgirl outfit which I enjoyed and looked nice on her. Scarlett Envy, in my opinion, is the overlooked fashion queen of the season! Her looks on Ru Paul’s Drag Race All-Stars 6 have been incredible and this weekend’s Southern-influenced outfit was no exception! I enjoyed Jan’s main stage outfit, which was a homage to the iconic film Moulin Rouge which fitted with her whole personality, as she is a confessed musical theatre queen.

Like I said earlier Jan was crowned the winner of this episode (where I thought she should have won the ball challenge and the variety show but each to their own). On the bottom however was Akeira and Yara, which was a very difficult decision but Yara did struggle with the lip-syncing elements and Akeira’s impression of Prince was good but slightly missed the cool factor he used to possess. This marks Akeira’s second week in the bottom which is usually not a good sign! I was super-excited when it came time to reveal who Jan would be lip-syncing against as there has been a streak of incredible battles the past few episodes. We learnt that this week’s lip-sync assassin was Jessica Wilde, who is famously Yara’s closest friend outside the competition. I enjoyed the song choice this week, which was Womaniser by Britney Spears – which is a gay bar anthem and it was announced that Jessica Wild was the winner so they have to disclose who the group chose to eliminate. While I don’t agree that Jan lost this lip-sync, I do agree that it was Yara’s time to go home which must have been extra painful as it was delivered by one of your closest friends! I talked in my last review about how Yara uses a very unique pleading style but this week it seemed to mess her up as she was told to leave the competition. Yara has been so entertaining in this season with her wild and crazy antics/comedy and so it will be a shame to see her leave but I do think it was the right time!

Overall this was a very entertaining episode of Ru Paul’s Drag Race All-Stars that had a great sense of production value that I love! There were many entertaining performances with Jan finally getting the win that I thought she has deserved for a long, long time!

**** 4/5


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