22nd Jun2021

From Board to Virtual – Board Games Rising in Popularity

by James Smith

Throughout the past year gaming has continued to surge in popularity, whether through the successes found in the likes of esports through to the newest triple A releases – whilst mobile continues to lead the way particularly with online gambling and betting options like these, one of the genres seeing plenty of growth has been within the familiar table top area as board games have found a new breath of life once again. With opportunities to transition to the virtual space, games typically rooted in the physical space may change the way many players experience their classic favourites. But where is the biggest change being seen?

The most notable to make changes certainly comes with the D&D and Role Playing spaces, games in the past like Baldur’s Gate and Divinity Original Sin have brought a new spin on the genre and have been praised by the most dedicated fans as games that stay true to form but in a much more accessible way, and it has also led to the upcoming releases of the aptly branded Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance which looks to continue delivering on the same approach in a different way, although not met initially with the greatest reviews – with big modding support and all the tools often in place to help fans get the most out of these games too, they serve as a great replacement where the ability to play the offline counterpart has been much harder.

Similarly, other platforms have certainly providing a great opportunity in other gaming titles too, party games have found their home on the Switch with the likes of Uno being a fan favourite, and with streamed content on platforms like Twitch serving as a perfect home to not only advertise how successful the change has been, but also show opportunities in party play amongst friends, they’ve certainly found a lot of success. For many they had become a lockdown favourite as board games and virtual realisations of board games continued to succeed, and have been a market that looks reinvigorated with a lot more attention now being paid to it.

Much of the success of these games have come largely from the growing party play aspect which more games are becoming reliant on, particularly as distance has led to interest in growing games that bring people together away from the traditional multiplayer sense – although things are getting back to normal and friends can get back together for table top games once more, these virtual alternatives will provide further escape for those unable to do so, and will likely be a space with a continued push as excitement for the genre type as a whole continues to grow too.

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