16th Jun2021

‘AEW Dark: Elevation’ Review (Jun 14th 2021)

by Phil Wheat

Another week, another episode of AEW Dark: Elevation a show whose quality, like its other namesake AEW: Dark, goes up and down like a yo-yo. We had a high streak for the past few weeks so I’m expecting the down turn to hit any time now… Whatever, lets get on to this weeks review!

Match #1: Wardlow def. Jason Hotch

My Thoughts: What a way to open the show… Copy the worst of WWE. Pathetic. Seriously does nothing to make Wardlow look strong. Dude should be fighting the likes of Miro, any of Bear Country… Not enhancement talent in their second appearance on AEW programming.

My Score: 0 out of 5

Match #2: Dustin Rhodes and Lee Johnson def. VSK and Travis Titan

My Thoughts: Lee Johnson gets another outing on AEW programming and still, thankfully, looks like he’s making more and more progress with his skills. And wrestling with a veteran like Dustin Rhodes won’t hurt. Still this was a squash by any iother name.

My Score: 1.5 out of 5

Match #3: Angelico def. Mike Sydal

My Thoughts: I;m still not the biggest fan of Angelico but I’ll admit I’ve been enjoying his more recent matches, where he’s implemented more technical wrestling rather than the typical high-flying shenanigans. And Mike Sydal made for a great opponent here too. FYI, I’m ignoring that fact Matt Hardy showed his face during the match… otherwise the score would be lower!

My Score: 2 out of 5

Match #4: Shawn Spears def. Falco

My Thoughts: So AEW thought it would be good to copy WWE again? With another enhancement talent squash match? It’s almost like Elevation is becoming WWE Superstars this week… Matches you don’t care about featuring outcomes you don’t care about, with wrestlers you start to care less about!

My Score: 0 out of 5

Match #5: Private Party def. Dean Alexander and Carlie Bravo

My Thoughts: This match was a typical AEW quais-squash – Private Party controlled the match for the most part, with Carlie Bravo getting some offense in before PP got the win.

My Score: 1.5 out of 5

Match #6: Nyla Rose def. Megan Bayne

My Thoughts: A match that was shorter than not just the time it took Vickie Guererro to introduce Nyla but SHORTER than the time it took Megan Bayne to take her head dress off at ringside!

My Score: 0 out of 5

Match #7: Orange Cassidy def. Cameron Cole

My Thoughts: Hell, even Orange Cassidy is in a squash match this week… WTF is going on. This match is one hell of a come down for Cassidy after his PPV match. Paul Wight talked about bad choices on commentary and it was a bad choice to air this AEW quasi-squash so close to the amazing PPV match Cassidy had.

My Score: 1 out of 5

Match #8: Eddie Kingston and Penta El Zero Miedo def. Arik Cannon and Kevin Blackwood

My Thoughts: Another quasi-squash match but one that actually featured some decent wrestling. Plus what’s not to love about the combination of Penta and Kingston? Yes it was over too quick and yes Cannon and Blackwood were no competition but its not bad for a squash match.

My Score: 2.5 out of 5

Match #9: Julia Hart def. Dani Jordyn

My Thoughts: Julia Hart is still “green” (as the wrestling critics say) but its good to see her get some exposure on Elevation in a match rather than just being the third wheel in the Varsity Blonds. Hart did pull off a great bulldog (with the splits as well) but her covers always looked weak, Even the winning pin.

My Score: 2 out of 5

Match #10: QT Marshall and Aaron Solow def. Deonn Rusman and Joe Keys

My Thoughts: Jesus Christ these QT Marshall matches are just becoming turn-off TV. Really. Poor Aaron Solow being forced to eat all the beatings (and this do all the work) so QT looks strong. F*ck this sh*t. Seriously.

My Score: 0 out of 5

Match #11: Scorpio Sky def. Alex Reynolds

My Thoughts: At least the show went out on a high… Sky and Reynolds put on a great show in a match that looked like it could legitimately go either way. Of course Reynolds lost because Dark Order don’t win singles matches do they?

My Score: 2.5 out of 5

Final Verdict: 1.5/5

Well I jinxed that one didn’t I? Wow. Squash after squash after patented AEW quasi-squash… Doesn’t really set up the week of AEW programming well does it? Consider me on a downer for Dark and Dynamite this week… Luckily we at least get Sammy Guevara and Ethan Page’s vlogs each week too – which are usually more fun than the main AEW shows anyway (I’m not including BTE as its too “AEW kayfabe” these days)!

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