15th Jun2021

‘Evil Everywhere’ DVD Review

by Alain Elliott

Stars: Dylan Mars Greenberg, Corrinne Mica, Mykee Morettini, Brian Harmony, Peter Dorman, Jessica Rabid, Jared Walker, Leland Masek, Carolyn Hansen, Jamie Lee Cortese | Written and Directed by Mykee Morettini

The second 80s horror-inspired movie I have seen in as many days but this one with a much worse title. Evil Everywhere is about as bland and boring title you could come up with for a horror movie. But as the saying goes, “don’t judge a book by its cover”, well it’s kind of the same thing.

Evil Everywhere does at least manage to feel like an eighties horror movie at times. The soundtrack and score are actually really good at times with both retrowave and synthwave genres used at times. I would happily listen to much of it outside of the film. But somehow it doesn’t always, in fact quite often, work as part of the movie. It just doesn’t have the right fit at times. It also creates some kind of style that feels like it is from that era too – they even use the Halloween font when the place and date shows up on screen. And I actually thought that was a nice touch. The film also shows tracking lines to give it that VHS-look.

I’m not entirely sure what the idea was with the fashion choices for all of the characters though. Maybe it’s supposed to be an eighties style but it is hard to tell. They all just look odd and generally stupid. The lead character seems to have a gimmick that involves wearing ridiculous hats buts its never actually mentioned by anyone on screen. These fashion choices are also the reason to make me think Evil Everywhere might be a parody? I say might be because even after watching the whole movie I’m not quite sure. I think this is partly because it’s never very funny. And if you’re not very funny it’s hard to imagine it as a parody.

As far as acting goes it does very much come across as a group of students making a movie after watching a bunch of eighties horror movies. No-one really covers them selves in glory and it all looks a bit awkward. The dialogue is really strange at times and just very unnatural. I didn’t feel like anyone talks and acts this way in real life. The script is absolutely all over the place. Things are written seemingly just to cover plot holes at times. It’s hard to explain the people making this movie are clearly not experienced in any form of film making.

If there’s anything good here, then it’s the practical effects for the death scenes. An arm getting ripped off of a character and then used as a weapon against them is about as funny and gory as it gets. I wanted to see much more of that.

The recent hit horror movie Host, has proved that a short run time isn’t a problem and can work in a movies favour. But the fact that Evil Everywhere is only sixty minutes long meant that it didn’t waste too much of my time. Though I still can’t recommend this….

Evil Everywhere is out now on DVD and Digital from Wild Eye Releasing.


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