21st May2021

Biggest US sports betting operators

by James Smith

With the sports betting industry continuing to grow in the United States of America because of the continued legalisation of the activity, it is hardly a surprise that there are so many of the biggest betting operators available in the US to choose from.

Indeed, with the industry continuing to increase and evolve in the States, there will be more and more of the biggest sports betting operators to arrive in the future, however here are just some of the biggest that are already located in the country. Due to the worldwide pandemic, many fans have been finding alternative entertainment whilst global sports were on hold, which we suspect is soon to change once stadiums start to fill up as the world returns to normality.


Perhaps one of the biggest US sports betting operators available in the country, DraftKings are one of the main players within this sphere and always have been as they made inroads in the very early days of the booming industry via their daily fantasy sports offering that proved to be a huge hit. Although there have been a number of reported issues with the DraftKings apps in the past, the platform continues to remain one of the best available, as it allows punters who access it to bet whilst on the go from hundreds of different markets and sporting events at the touch of a button and as quickly and effectively as possible. Already located in states such as Virginia, Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Indiana, West Virginia, New Hampshire, Iowa, Illinois and Tennessee, DraftKings are already a leader and will likely continue to be in states that allow sports betting in the future.


Legal in Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Indiana, West Virginia, Colorado, Tennessee, Iowa, Illinois and Virginia, FanDuel is another of the top US sports betting operators available in the country. Similarly, to DraftKings, they are able to offer punters a wide array of different sports betting options via the use of an application that can be downloaded, whilst they also offer a number of top promotions and a classy user experience that many find hard to match.


BetMGM is another of the biggest US sports betting operators as they have a wealth of experience that dates back throughout history. They have plenty of experience in the gambling scene, which has helped them to become a leading name throughout the American market. They provide punters in Virginia, Michigan, New Jersey, Colorado, Tennessee, West Virginia, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Indiana and Iowa with a number of the biggest promotions and bonuses, as well as a number of niche markets that can be used with an app that also provides an easy-to-use facility.

William Hill

William Hill might be one of the biggest names to have ever been involved in the betting industry over in Europe and the United Kingdom, however they have also started to become big players in the American sphere as well. They already have a huge presence in states such as Tennessee, Virginia, Iowa, Michigan, New Jersey, Illinois, Indiana, West Virginia and Colorado and it would not be a surprise to see them continue building on that presence when other states start to open their doors to online sports betting.

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